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  1. just say a good bye!! good bye everyone top 10 best ranger on asmo israphel and thanks again ncfail for brok my dreams
  2. my featured vision before 1.7 ncfail close 2 classic servers anyway just p2w players is stay here deava pass=p2w and i never pay deava pass and i leave now!!! is simple all pay for deava pass you are responsable the ship sinks YOU ARE GUILTY enjoy and good bye
  3. ok ncsoft u can delete the forteresse guard and abyss.. and ap and pvp and just close serveur right now 0.o
  4. I like the passage or you site 72 members who we have to deava pass.... all leave because this deava pass because you buy this deava pass because you love pay to win, but only YOU stay here whit no more people!!!! because you fat P2W hey you bright man!!!! 2000 no pay to leave because you encourage de P2W..... what 200 P2W vs 2000 not pay to win = after 3 months just 200 P2W stay on this game ... 1+1 =2 ... you know that..... 0.o' you kill this game you can put blame on you!!!!
  5. Looks like you all do to get people to leave your games!!!
  6. sur quel serveurs tu joue et quelle faction?
  7. i call you out!!! omg!!!! we pay siel aura for what... no staff !!!! no gift !!!! the old subscribes = deava pass or just litlle less for 15$ sub month and now we pay 15$ for just playing and 35$ deava pass omg!!! ok kibbelz give 3 major crown for all pay siel aura by months is a solution make all happy and dont give any more major crown on deava pass.. and deava pass 35$ dam is ugly go down the price 15$ months is ok... but not sure
  8. i use 300 lv 50 recovery pot by day ez
  9. i use 300k recovery pot lv 50 by day and 100-200 wind serum 48sec + 100 greater raging scroll + 50 crit scroll 90% + 50 scroll 9% attack speed .... your event is useless same then ncsoft
  10. we need free to play or just give deava pass whit siel aura for 15$ month... because this game have no staff no gm for players.. and just right mow we pay for nothing in old days in aion we have gift crown whit subscribe for 1 month this is sadly true!!!
  11. lol guys is the legion who know how play on guild he up the ladder is minority i can kill 80% other faction ez all cry but all pay deava pass whit major crown and whatever if the ratio ap is ok all go farm guard and all don't crying no more is simple u call me no brain but you!!!!!!!!
  12. lol idiot you are man whit true ratio all can ez farm 100k ap pers day me 150k ap and just right now on abyss top max 20k-30k pers day lv 40 twink can gear so fast vs lv 50 = 5x more time for 30 elite enjoy
  13. the people love ap and you nerf this ratio and people ratio nerf to!!! you have brain or what!!!! is sorority ranger
  14. in memories you is rank 1 guard give you again 54 ap then now what 41-39 ap is big difference this is why all people leaving aion we don't need more bread we need steak enjoy ncsoft you can learn by player not by bots dam
  15. according to my memories at the beginning of aion in 2009 the gain ap on the fortress guard was above 97 ap on average and I remember when you implanted the new patch which was also the decent in hell of aion when you with nerves the gain ap on the fortress guards the world was leaving aion with a shovel ... so these simple give back the true gain ratio ap on the guards in abyss.
  16. tes francais tu joue quelle server et ta faction!! ou tu l'ignore simplement a cause de la restriction asmo!!
  17. this is so pathetic i can't play asmo im asmo for forever ... i don't pay for playing elyos i can't imagine this fails i ca n't play whit my friends and other...
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