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  1. Finally something, now I wonder why did you stopped giving us the exp and ap event in weekends? It happened with 7.99 patch when it wasn't supposed to be suspended (at least you didn't advertisement it
  2. Not surprised why classic had a fast drop of players seeing this poor managment even when they give you money monthly so what to expect in retail with f2p model, not even a single reply so sad
  3. This, I've been farming during 20 min and got 2 coins so far, this rate is ridiculous, also the xp from normal mobs is just too low, give us garden, its 1000 times better than this area
  4. Sly? What's this shit, so ppl that dont pay cant even get at least 1 cat? Is the "aion team" concerned about the low population and still make this p2w shit to the few players? Lol, not only retail will die with this poor management but classic aswell, I hope u fix this shit cuz this means another year without cat collections for f2p players
  5. @KibbelzAny information about 7.9 second part? Or even better if u skip it and go to 8.0 cuz we dont have really new content
  6. Would be a good idea to bring 7.9 second part or even 8.0 so this way retail won't die but idk maybe they will let it die
  7. Dont forget about kinah retuning, its basicly the most important of this event lol
  8. What kind of joke is this? Patch notes says 100 entrys, why we are not getting this? You as cm should ask for this to the team, better you quit your job cuz you doing a very bad work here
  9. I hope you guys extend the kinah retuning event because without the 100 runs of idd we wont be able to gear up our characters and auto-hunt in gelkmaros/inggison pls because timeless is pointless
  10. Thats a gameforge and russian features, is not something from aion korea
  11. Everything is okay except auto-hunt in timeless terrace, what is the purpose of that? I mean, its a pvp map if u let it farming there u will die fast and that has no sense, why dont u enable it in gelkmaros/inggison where we need it lol, CUBICS? XP MARK? HELLO? Give us some solutions, we are losing stats and a very important item (xp mark) for this brainless decision
  12. @KibbelzYou covering many things with events but what about CUBICS? We are losing important stats because without auto-hunt it takes forever
  13. Calm down old man, you only criticize without knowledge, go play tera, you only complain about this game but you still here
  14. Lmao so 400 matk/patk/mdef/pdef 5k hp and more stats, think about it We need to get those stats faster or it will take years, players in 6.x could get all those stats in a month and now we have to farm them without auto-hunt? Thats why we asked this system so much in the feedback so we need a solution or we the new players will be behind of old players
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