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  1. Thats a gameforge and russian features, is not something from aion korea
  2. Everything is okay except auto-hunt in timeless terrace, what is the purpose of that? I mean, its a pvp map if u let it farming there u will die fast and that has no sense, why dont u enable it in gelkmaros/inggison where we need it lol, CUBICS? XP MARK? HELLO? Give us some solutions, we are losing stats and a very important item (xp mark) for this brainless decision
  3. @KibbelzYou covering many things with events but what about CUBICS? We are losing important stats because without auto-hunt it takes forever
  4. Calm down old man, you only criticize without knowledge, go play tera, you only complain about this game but you still here
  5. Lmao so 400 matk/patk/mdef/pdef 5k hp and more stats, think about it We need to get those stats faster or it will take years, players in 6.x could get all those stats in a month and now we have to farm them without auto-hunt? Thats why we asked this system so much in the feedback so we need a solution or we the new players will be behind of old players
  6. One more week without any information about 7,9
  7. Nice EU getting 7.9 tomorrow and we not even get a preview about this mini-patch, gj there
  8. What about auto-hunt system? Feedback was clearly showed with mostly ppl claiming to enable it so please do it, cubics and experience marks are important and now more with the new weapons
  9. Sept 9 Korea patch, We waited 1 month more than EU and we got the same patch hahaha and some skills balance will not be here (too necessary) but instead we got p2w minion, nice I hope autohunt will be available or again we will struggle to farm experience marks and cubics
  11. Guys who are saying "This will kill game" Do they even play this game? Literally every pvp instance is full of afk ppl, town is full of afk ppl, are you serious? This system was created to make it easy things like cubics or exp marks, don't be so innocent, ncwest would have to make big changes to dont implement this system and they wont, they barely post a thread every week when they announce the weekly maintenance and even they dont write all changes (and every event has a bug) So at least we can have this to make the game less painful with repetitive tasks while we are busy doing other thing
  12. As many ppl said we have no choice, we must have this feature because current patches are based on this, i'm playing since 7.5 so i didnt have chance to go to normal cubic instance and im struggling to have all of them, currently most of cubics are 2/5 but now they are so hard and every level asking more and more cubics with thousands of type, bronce, silver, gold, platinum, mr, attack, hp, defense etc so in my opinion enable this, new players will need it not only with cubics also with experience marks and more when this is an important currency to buy a lot of items
  13. What is the logic behind disabling windstream? No sense at all since they are not game changing...
  14. What about windstream? Those aren't working aswell
  15. That's not true, i've tried on altars and siege and many ppl with ultimate transformation don't have this red exclamation, as you can see the program tells you who owns an ultimate transformation and ppl without ultimate also pops red exclamation so this excuse about transformation is invalid
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