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  1. @Kibbelz why don't you guys reset both of them? like you did the other merges. My legion is there for almost 10 years. That doesn't make any sense. it's common sense that you keep the oldest.
  2. at that time I saw the ability of each player today I only see '' gear '' =/
  3. I miss the 2.7, it was very good
  4. I love you ncsoft https://imgur.com/a/lft3d ZzzZzzZzz ...
  5. I was with this error for 3 days, yesterday I was able to repair the aion using the faster tunnel, maybe it will help with your problem. good luck
  6. I hope it all right thanks for listening Cheesecake
  7. Do you think the possibility of ncsoft can not fix this error? if it is not solved it will lose many players
  8. I did all the procedures that were provided to me by email and none of them solved unhappily. I do not know what to do to solve this problem. In many years of Aion and with the same internet that I have never had this problem ... the suport of my internet came to my house yesterday, and I was informed that there was nothing wrong
  9. I'm having two mistakes now sometimes this comes -> https://imgur.com/NcCK5Um And when I try to repair the Launcher otherwise comes that -> https://imgur.com/t04GXD1 Does anyone have a solution? =( thank you all
  10. I'm having the same problem, too many people with the same problem https://imgur.com/Ftq0EM0
  11. Enchantment Stone Dust (x500) OMG -.-'
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