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  1. Funny most players who want "Open details" don't even have the details open. (Better than that are false votes) I think it's a good thing, being able to have the choice of having it open or not.
  2. Banning players who bought something from those who used exploit, it doesn't seem 100% correct. very hurried investigation
  3. I think the chance of getting cubic from monsters is not low, I just think it's a very long process since we don't have a auto-hunt. I started from 0 at the time of the melons event and that gave me an idea of how many mobs would be needed for so many cubics. At this moment my cubics are more than half done, almost all at the same level.
  4. I honestly don't understand, right now just killing thousands of thousands of monsters gets cubics, there is no other way, I will not spend coins or whatever to receive ONE cubic that I have already completed.
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