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  1. the 100 stones is purchase limit you can get them via your own exp as well so the more you grind the more you get so it's not just 10 extra stones per week.
  2. as a crafter who has been doing it for very very long time, these kind of things happen, it's just your rng and your luck. Sometimes you craft 10 items and get 8 procs other times you craft 40 items and no procs it happens
  3. I wonder where exactly you got the pay money bit out of what I posted? I haven't spent a single cent on this game since the patch was launched
  4. not sure what you're on about all these are from the "red shugo" I think 1 is from Gold and 1 is from Gold Sand Shop and I have 3 duplicate legendaries
  5. that was referred to duration of transforms not transparent transformation scrolls
  6. @Cyan Can you please explain to me how exactly that would "compensate" players considering it's once per account if players use multiple characters to get the said "free" boxes? Yet again NC Soft amazes me.
  7. Strongly disagree pvp stones should come from pvp not events what they could do though is change the rates on how often we get those rather than put them in event that would be quite a bit more rewarding.
  8. it's not nerfed, allways been chance for 1, 5 or 10k
  9. not entirely true @Aly-DN without participation in siege you cannot get end-game PvP gear due to unavailability of Ultimate Ridium and other materials, which essentially means you'll get rank until you'll finish your pvp set(s)
  10. Instances Even though the transformation contracts do drop indeed the name/appearance/link is bugged - doesn't show any name is easily confused with lockbox and cannot be linked/re-linked. Never encountered the remaining "glitches" so not sure if those where fixed in 1st place. Quests 1. Prestige quests, well thanks for them but can you for a change add quests that can be actually completed? For example Prestigious Dragon Lord cannot be completed since it asks to kill Dragon Lord Beritra which doesn't exist in the instance instead we have Beritra or due to some other unknown reas
  11. This is an older picture but it shows the weapon that replaced the said spellbook you're so worried about and it shows that it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than what you wanted to have compensated.
  12. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.5_Update#Honour_Points take a look
  13. should I dig up the post where was said it'll start before patch and carry over?
  14. sigh another postponed event since I do recall You mentioning it's going to start before update and carry over after but ok, thanks for clarification
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