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  1. tell that to the elyos who get them every 2 days You have proven my point. There needs to be balance now that mostly elyos control all the world boss weapons so YES they should be more accessible.
  2. So your guys solution is to deny others world boss weapons/loot because you don't want them? How kind of you... These weapons aren't going away, so it's only fair to make them more accessible rather than pile them all on one side of the fence. 7.7 will bring even more OP weapons that require world bosses so there needs to be a solution to this to make them accessible.
  3. Hey @Loki and @Kibbelz, Can you please pass it on to whoever is in charge to request a world boss weapon event that doesn't require killing world bosses? This current Dungeon event is super cool as well as the pumpkin event, but like seriously, it is getting old with only Elyos killing every world boss every two days. It is getting extremely old and stale especially with the imbalance. Thank You <3
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