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  1. The game is Dying and yes they are only after $$$. So why give us two events where no money for them is to be made? At least with snowballs whales will spend a bit, average players spend a bit too for the most part. Give us a copy and paste of last years snowball event. Add skating motion to the bcm and make some nyerking $$$.
  2. The point they were making is that the prices of items are already higher then normal. With Asmo-DN being more expensive then Eylos-DN. IE. Prestige (30days) is around 400m on Eylos and 550m-900m on Asmo. In the event they changed the bundles to actually give 10m-20m what have you the Aion value of kinah would crash thus far eliminating the need for gold farmers to mass bot. Prices would increase yes but would hold value as now just a higher digital number. calling people stupid and low IQ instead of explaining it makes you 1 of 3 things. 1)stupid yourself. 2)mommy didn't love you enough a
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