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  1. Lots and lots of people complained about the pass being the same as the first one. They also stated it was by mistake that the 2nd pass was the same as the first.
  2. What monster drops this? I used to have the helmet for years and years back in the day. I think I remember it being a named mob in Heiron. Can anyone confirm?
  3. Yes, yes, yes. I really hope this is what we get but I'm sure it won't be. The only good thing is that in the early patches there just isn't all the 'bloat' that there is on the current patches. No OP gemstones, runestones, advanced stigmas, etc. The amount of OP stuff a whale can get in classic vs 7.X is so much less.
  4. The quality of work being done by everyone at NCSoft right now is so abysmal. They posted an event today and yet again, it barely makes any sense, has the wrong rewards pasted into it and is just a freaking mess. Of course they post it at the end of the day where everyone has left and so we'll just have to see tomorrow if we can even figure out what is going on with it. It is also very obvious that no one over here knows what is going on/with the game. I'm worried for classic because of this... We'll see what kind of crazy shit people can come up with to exploit things w/o the GMs reali
  5. I think the event information they released is missing a lot of things. I'm not sure what the cards do, it says somewhere that there are aether forging recipe's below but I don't see any. What is going on in this event?! It is supposed to be a transform event I guess, does that mean there will be a chance to get an ultimate box at the end if we combine a certain number of legendary transforms like we had a few months ago?
  6. My god man, how can you take it? I did a few runs on an alt and got one weapon, guess I was lucky.
  7. Now they just need to keep it up for a week to make up for all the lost xp/ap...
  8. They will probably never bring it back. Stopping people with ~100 accounts from running it is apparently too much work for them. The solution they have implemented has apparently worked well enough since the server hasn't bugged since it was introduced (as far as I know) whereas before it bugged nearly every week.
  9. I noticed this too with the bots. Silver lining, cheap legendary transforms on broker?
  10. I'm pretty sure mine corrupted at +4 going to 5.
  11. attack set, accuracy set and the last one I'm currently testing an m def set, not sure if I'll keep it that way. Could maybe be a physical set for vandals in arena. I'm a glad so I can get a box every like 10-15 min, just need the AP to keep up.
  12. Well, I farmed 3 BT sets in TT. 5 mil a pop for a RNG box and probably took a few hundred.
  13. I was tired last night and realized you could also just sell the daevonian essences if you didn't need them. I've already got 5 this week from my main and a few alts. They easily sell for 150m right now on KT-E, so this event can make you a lot of kinah.
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