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  1. Reminds me of what they did to the drops on retail. The open world monsters drop literally nothing. It always feels nice when leveling or grinding a quest to get nice shiny unexpected loot. This 'solution' to bots is terrible for human players. It makes the game less enjoyable.
  2. Besides the Loads Amulets these 'rewards' are super underwhelming. Day 1-3 probably every player has 100's if not 1000's of these. Day 4 and 5 has inferior potions to the best we can make. Day 6 is only good for alts, although it is a good reward for that at least.
  3. Bruh, this game is 12 years old and we’re talking about NCsoft West here. They can’t even hit a button and get an event right. They aren’t changing anything like this. I understand the frustration but... c’mon, just remember who we’re dealing with here.
  4. I heard they were stripped of AP gear except their weapon combine... I guess NCsoft doesn't know about that feature in their OWN game.
  5. Personally, I'd rather have crowns. It is different for everyone though.
  6. Please consider making the daeva pass rewards better. I think KR was getting something like 7 crowns from it at this point? We don't have dredge for ap...
  7. They screwed up I'm pretty sure. That is a retail/live event since the rewards are shards for transformations. I'm not sure if the final event that is marked as a retail/live event is maybe a classic one though?
  8. People on retail begged for a very long time until the last two servers were merged. If people on IS want to play on a server with Siel's population I suggest that they reroll now.
  9. They were using exploits to get chests in the instance over and over and over. You could make hundreds of millions this way if automated together with hacks.
  10. A lot of people theorize that it will come when this daeva pass ends (next week.) Hope they are right.
  11. Did this most recent patch make him easier? Or was he always nerfed.
  12. Thank you for at least an update.
  13. Completely useless buff... Can you please just address what you're going to do about the people LITERALLY breaking the game?
  14. I like PvP'ing the 50's in my land. It is a rare instance of fighting someone who is actually looking to fight and usually results in some of the most fun PvP. It is a shame that they will grief lower level players though. Maybe they could have done better if they made the max level rifts to Heiron and Beluslan 49 and had another map that was level 50's only.
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