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  1. attack set, accuracy set and the last one I'm currently testing an m def set, not sure if I'll keep it that way. Could maybe be a physical set for vandals in arena. I'm a glad so I can get a box every like 10-15 min, just need the AP to keep up.
  2. Well, I farmed 3 BT sets in TT. 5 mil a pop for a RNG box and probably took a few hundred.
  3. I was tired last night and realized you could also just sell the daevonian essences if you didn't need them. I've already got 5 this week from my main and a few alts. They easily sell for 150m right now on KT-E, so this event can make you a lot of kinah.
  4. One good thing you can get if you need is daeva essences. They are also tradeable through the account warehouse. I need those so the event is good... It probably does suck if you don't need those. I also find it fun to get some good pvp armor and weapon for my alts.
  5. There is at least +2 b/c I've gotten a +16 stigma before.
  6. I don't have the amount of daevonian essences to use with them... So I can't really do that.
  7. This is such BS... what the hell is the reason to delete them so fast. I'm fairly certain I want daevonian skill boxes but... c'mon who knows, maybe I get lucky and I don't need 70 of them, maybe I just need 60. I could then get some ulti stones or w/e... so stupid. I swear to god none of the people on 'the team' know anything about this game.
  8. WTF they are really going to be deleting the stormwing boxes now? Why can't they wait until the week before next time they want to run the event? Now I just have to hope I pick the things I think I'll need most? WTF why is autohunt turned on in TT? That is pretty much useless! Bot will just get ganked in a few minutes, run into one of the elemental Thanos thingies that one shots you almost, get stuck attacking a soul for 1 dmg for a few minutes until it despawns, aggro 4-6 strong mobs that will toss your bot's salad, etc. WTF why don't you guys release this a bit earlier so we can m
  9. I know some pretty geared people that reach 23.3k evasion. I think they have everything tuned evasion, socketed evasion and of course full cubics. That is pretty good b/c a gladiator in attack set is only going to have about 18k accuracy. So the chance to dodge is something like 25 percent I believe.
  10. Evasion is pretty good vs glads and Vandals. They can counter it with an accuracy set but not all of them have it and they will also be missing 1000 attack give or take.
  11. I also thought the price was ridiculous... I want a few more Dazza's but there is no way I'm paying that much, totally not worth it.
  12. @Kibbelz The 2x XP/AP isn't working in places like Lakrum, it has in the past. They seemed to have got it enabled in Inggison and Gelk now but not on other servers :(.
  13. I like how there is a weekly quest for a legendary mana stone... WHY!? I’m thankful for the even but why is the quest reward so garbage... if you’re going to have a quest why not make it worth doing at least...
  14. It seems that the newest maintenance messed up double xp/ap :(.
  15. Well, with HM you could use the AP to advance another characters stigmas or if you have prestige it is an easy 100 coins for whatever character you want. I get what you're saying though. Archangelos is correct, it took a decent time investment to get these alts, it'd be really crappy to all of a sudden lose the benefits of having 12 decently geared characters.
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