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  1. I'm back from a long absence as well. I played on the same server and quit at about the same time. I was Asmodian, name was Crush. I'm playing KT-Elyos now and returned about 4 months ago. The game is very very different now. No more weaving, no more scrolls, weird new classes, etc. I'm having some fun though.
  2. I did as well. I kind of feel guilty.
  3. I'm guessing someone with a lot of accounts botting luna. Probably log 6 at a time 15 times.
  4. I also finished the dailies and didn't get that 'bundle item' with the other rewards. @Kibbelz Do you guys know about this?
  5. A bit odd that in game stones are better for 4 and 5 but worse at 2 and 3. then same for everything else. I just saw that the BCM stones apparently don't contaminate sometimes though, interesting.
  6. Crush


    Unless you see this person do this all the time I'd just best it is some type of graphics bug with the game, it seems to be full of them. My weapon keeps going invisible lately, not sure if I have to reinstall game to fix that or not.
  7. I can only imagine how rare something actually is when NCSOFT says it is rare.
  8. The price is wayyyy too high to make purchasing the coin boxes make any sense. Sure, I can select a legendary but the cost comes no where near justifying that! The boxes need to give 5-10x the amount they currently give. I'm sure a lot more people would be enticed to spend for them then. I would love to get Mastarius and complete a few collections but I'm not paying what they are asking.
  9. Hello all, I wrote some Fortran code that calculates the average number of daeva skill books and essences needed to +15 a skill from a certain level. The code does this by simulating enchanting skills to 15 thousands, millions, or how ever many times you want using enchant rates I got from a table on this forum (so they could be wrong). The books are assumed to be the same as the skill you are enchanting. I did this because I'm going to be getting a lot of books from the stormwing event since I need to + my skills still, I also found it fun. You can use the code to try and est
  10. No, it isn't fun. But playing with an ultimate is fun, so I do SAS on alts.
  11. I de'd 8 earrings and got 3 starlights 6 times and 2 starlights 2 times.
  12. It is definitely not fun but if you're motivated it can be done. I leveled all the classes I actually like to play (glad, temp, sin) then basically made vandals after that. I could easily level one a week on the weekend. Takes a little time to get them things like legendary gear from PF and accessories from Lakrum. My account is 4.5 months old I think now? I have 12 toons capable of S rank SAS. Again, not fun but if you're motivated and really want the ulti you do it. I was doing luna religiously but have not been wanting to kill 600 mobs a day, I instead do like 3-4 toons a day.
  13. Kibbelz stated that the events happening right now resulted from the community asking, so I'm saying thank you. Sorry you were perturbed by my giving thanks.
  14. Thank you @Kibbelz and the rest of the staff that made this happen!
  15. I was all for it but I see them doing a decent job of making the game playable without it though, i.e. modifying kill requirements for events. It is definitely true that they need to make open world cubics more accessible, they are very difficult to finish for new/old school returning players. It'd be great if they lowered the amount of needed xp marks for the Yorgos weapons if they don't implement it, otherwise... yeah we'll need auto-hunt.
  16. There is a lot of stuff going on with the maintenance. I can understand it being a little late today.
  17. Yep, I believe if you do not get any repeats when combining all you need is 7 extra legendary transformations to consumed 12. Of course this would be combining only 2 at a time. Luckily I have 11 copies and almost all the legendaries so I think I'll be coming out of this with an Ulti :D. It does suck if you haven't been saving up. I've been working for this event for several months, used a lot of kinah that could have been for other things but it is about to pay off.
  18. I guess the line is drawn at gravity hacks.
  19. I see that, hopefully the lugbug quests to get the tokens are simple and not time consuming.
  20. Woohoo! This is awesome then . Thanks, hope it is just as simple as before then.
  21. I haven't done this event before. Was it difficult in the past to level up the hatchling all the way? The apostle selection box looks very nice!
  22. I disagree that there is absolutely no incentive. You could run these instances and sell the loot even if you have everything. I see groups making billions a week doing this. Perhaps I'm lucky but I've been invited to do AoANM, IDDHM and PFHM 1-3 from 3 different groups.
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