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  1. All the CD reductions are cool but they nerfed our best skill imo... Ferocious earthquake pull was so awesome and something I felt the glad needed for a long time. I'm salty about that one.
  2. nice. I assume the link can be found on forums, I'll look.
  3. How did Glads get a buff? I looked at the skills a bit ago but must have missed something. I've felt Glads needed a buff for a while... ** edit ** Ah I see that the negatives from defense prep and slaughter have been removed. Honestly a good thing, does seem right that a plate can get 2-3 shot from every class, including those that deal physical damage.
  4. I didn't get a survey...
  5. I too thought that the safe zones were very recent :/. I'm pretty sure the map did not show it until very recently.
  6. Oh that is a concern. I think it will be fine as long as that red countdown timer works properly.
  8. Yeah, it is crazy the things some people have come up. What is even crazier though is that it seems to work for them... I had a friend get like 6-7 +10 snowballs out of 70 a few times during the event. She was running around Oriel with these odd rules of when to spam them and when to run to the next group of houses. Me however, I just stood in Inggision and CLICKED CLICKED CLICKED CLICKED and what do you know... out of hundred of snowballs I only got 1 all event to +10 lol.
  9. I just feel like whatever Aion used for 'randomness' is reallllly bad. It is like sometimes it gets stuck on 'fail' and sometimes it gets stuck on 'success.'
  10. So it looks like their stats are just a bit worse than the Heartguard stuff, but they're extendable. Doesn't seem that bad, for most of the time I played Aion extendables normally had stats that were a bit worse than the top tier non-extendable stuff. The one exception being 1.9 with Bakarma + 50E... oh man, what a time to be a glad, there were slightly better weapon combination stats out there but the difference was tiny.
  11. Hey Lexxxie, this is Crush. For S grade minion, the fastest way to try and get an S rank minion I've found is with prestige coins. I don't think you have prestige right now but maybe this will change your mind. With 4,000 prestige coins you can get a rank 4 A minion, that is pretty good. Each character on an account can pretty easily make 200 prestige coins a week if they have some decent gear (heart guard). Couple that with the coins you get for just being logged and doing some instances you can get one of these minions every ~ 2 weeks or so. Once you get four you can try to combine the
  12. Yup. Also getting hit for 70k+ when you're in +15 PvP gear is a bit of a turn off.
  13. This seemed the case to me as well. I was also going to use drop rate buffs to try and get more event coins but was pretty sure it wouldn't work since it seems that only the dukakis drop it and it is already 100%.
  14. WTF will you guys PLEASE just do a little testing of updates and new content! Literally just a few minutes!
  15. I swear this game has code to try and figure out what you want when opening things like gemstone slots. My Vandal had 3 red gemstones in their inventory and I was opening slots on two sets of heart guard accessories. What did I get... all green and blue. I went ahead and purchased 5 more accessories and still got all green and blue!!! I can't remember how many more times I had to try but it was ridiculous. If you calculate the odds from what the probabilities given it is so unlikely that something like this happens. The chance to not get a red or rainbow is 0.6, (0.6)^17 = 0.000169!! That is 0
  16. The Lugbug daily should give multiple bundles if this is how we're going to do it. Before it could be afk'd, now it is going to take work and semi-geared characters. Have it give 3 bundles or so.
  17. @Kibbelz is hard mode Garden of Growth not supposed to give experience extractors???
  18. At some point Lineage II added auto hunt and honestly I didn't see too much of a change in anything. Some people had their character farm overnight or while away at work. To actually get gear though or even better XP they still ran either group XP areas or group dungeons or even solo dungeons because the XP and rewards are better than the best auto farm spots. I don't think my day would change except I'd set up my character to farm cubics at night or before I ran out to the store or work. During the day I'd still do dailies, weeklies, dungeons, check broker constantly, farm TT, PvP, etc.
  19. I was hoping for this too! I returned 3 months ago and most of my cubics are still 2/5 only... I farmed so many mobs for meloons too! Every day I bought ultimate PvE and PvP stones plus the weekly ones and I still have 6k meloons in my inventory left over! How am I supposed to get full cubics???
  20. wth... That would be so nice! C'mon NCWest...
  21. YES! Are you serious?! I'll pm you my character name just in case.
  22. I really really really want the horse mask skin back :(. I had it for years on my old toon back in the 3.x days. I'd drop $15 for it, but for some reason it isn't worth NCWest's time.
  23. I got at least 5 Shebas and 2 Modors from the 9x that I rerolled. I REALLY wanted Kromede, preferably the PvP one but I got the PvE one... oh well. I was honestly thinking around the 7th re-roll, 'Maybe you can't get a Kromede or anything but Sheba and Modor from this thing???'
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