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  1. I don't have the time right now to be as comprehensive as the people above me but I do appreciate the events. It is nice to pretty much always have something to do that is going to progress my character. I'm a returning player so these events are catching me up rather quickly.
  2. I wish the meloons needed for the really good prizes were just multiplied by 25-50x. I know that the thought then is bots would get the prize but let's be real, the one person who is going to click fastest to buy the good rewards is probably using some type of click bot. It wouldn't be that hard to make some python code to do it. It just seems really crappy that you have to be waiting around for 30 min totally amped up to click on an NPC, try to process where is the price you want and then buy it faster than the other hundreds of people there.
  3. 'Lets forget toxicity' ironic title. You will get a lot further being respectful and making sense.
  4. Yeah I forgot about this. I rocked 40e from 1.5 to 3.0 and never really felt under geared. Some people may want to progress gear more often but I'm fine with not. There was enough PvP then at the twink and end game level to keep me happy. Also, my 40e was able to be passed in the account warehouse... that was such a nice thing to be able to do! I wish they allow stuff like this today.
  5. Crush

    KT is Bugged

    Could we please get a reset? Thanks.
  6. Well, that sucks. To run forward and look around I just hold left-click while running. Guess I'll have to think up another keybind. Luckily, I think it is just one skill. Thanks for the explanation.
  7. So I want to be able to chase after someone and use keybinds that include shift but that seems impossible as when I hold shift my character won't change directions when swiveling the camera. Is there a way to make it so you can turn your character while holding shift?
  8. Signed! I know a lot of old school players who would want this server. I also don't think it would take a lot of the active people on retail away, they won't want to leave behind the gear they've RMT'd, BCM'd or grinded their fingers down to the bone for. I don't expect it to be a very long term success, but it will be a ton of fun for a few months to a year I suspect.
  9. I finally got it to work by using my laptop. I could not get one to create on my phone or desktop.
  10. Woah those 'rewards'... c'mon. There are so many things in this game that people need nowadays to be competitive. Literally every event should help with at least one thing like stigmas, daeva skills, minions, gear, transforms, etc. As a returning player it is like I'm playing with half a character! Throw us a bone please...
  11. Is anyone else not able to create an account right now? I am trying to create an alt account and when I fill out all of the info and click 'Create Account' the button does absolutely nothing. I've filled out all the info that was asked for a checked that "I'm not a robot." I've wrote NCSoft but so far their replies have not been helpful.
  12. Originally I was going to say 'at least a coffin like buff.' With how pitiful instance xp is it does need to be like 10x lol.
  13. So, the sales are fine but there should be something else. How about some xp boost or ap boosts for free to say 'thanks.' I feel that is the least that could have been done for everyone.
  14. YES! Please NCSoft, experience is way too slow to gain. We seriously need a perma coffin buff. I think most people would like this over auto hunting in this region. Also, why do end game instances have such low XP? It makes no sense!
  15. Can we no longer turn 3 ancient enchant stones to legendary? If so that really sucks.
  16. I'm completely fine with that. I used to play L2 though so Aion never felt even a bit grindy to me, even in 1.5.
  17. I did the exact same with L2. I'm sure they'd also mess up the classic Aion after a while too but man... for a few months it'd be so great. I'd love to rift in a populated Elten and Heiron again and explore the mountains and hills for epic kisk spots. I so want to try a few classes that I never really got a chance to play in those patches in addition to my favorite class, gladiator. I want the abyss so I can gank some peeps and grind guards and fort instances. I want to hopefully hook up with the tons of people I'm pretty sure would return back to Aion and form groups to run B Dredge... So muc
  18. I'm a recent returning player after 7ish years, I'd be so happy if an official classic server were started here. I know a ton of players who would flock to play and stay for several patches as long as they didn't make it very P2W.
  19. Crush

    Katalam Bug

    I've just returned to Aion after several years and I see that server issues have become somewhat commonplace. We were in the middle of an event and now I cannot receive the coffin buff, are issues like this usually resolved before maintenance or are we just out of luck for the rest of the event?
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