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  1. my summons has to do with chains.. maybe a SM will come on here and help me.. Thanks! where do i pick up crafting? and other skills for making items for myself? how many skills are you allowed to have.. alchemy, gathering, forging...etc
  2. Thanks! that helps alot. How do i summon so i can have my elemental minion help me fight?
  3. This is the first time playing Aion. Im asmodian and a level 13 sm. Im so lost and I can not find a guide to help me on leveling, building, or chains that is current. I dont know how to summon my first minion/pet to help me fight. I dont understand chains. I did the ascension quests and I was sent to Beluslan. I had a few quests here in Beluslan that I found and finished and now I have one quest that says to get to level 19. Is this all I need to do? kill until Im 19 to finish this quest and get more quests? Im use to having 5-10 quests constantly in other games. I need a guide to explain t
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