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  1. this wont happen because NCWEST does not do any developpement of feature for the game , they just take care of event / maintenance / forum and store related stuff. NCSOFT korea calling the shots , NCWest just get a usb key and patch up stuff that they get sent.
  2. ABOUT DAMN TIME. You guys know what to do DO YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN AGAIN YES <------ NO
  3. They havent said anything about drop rate of anything , my guess is they wont touch that subject even tho its a major point that need to be fixed for this region and being one of the biggest demand on the NA population.
  4. You are a genius.
  5. Do you play the same game as i am?? Because since 1.5 the drop rate on stuff in open world have been nonexistent. It's litterally impossible to make kinah farming open world now. Population so LOW nothing sells on broker. The Kinah daily limit on selling rubbish is a complete joke , goodluck improving anything on your toon with that 1 million kinah limit when remaining enchant stone on broker is 7m a piece.
  6. @Loki @Kibbelz So we cant even take a Lower Fort (Sulfur) because deity has more HP than 2x Upper fortress gates. I know you said you'd fix stuff before next siege but yea... Also nice job locking my thread, i guess will have to keep making new one everytime Are you guys aware theres like 100 active players MAX on IS ? How tf are we suposed to even play this game anymore ALSO kind of unrelated but.. Are you guys gonnna do something about not being able to farm stuff to disenchant to lvl up our gear or we are doomed to play with unenchanted pvp gear because of a
  7. you're not worth my time. keep thinking bad decisions from nc is great for this game and its playerbase.
  8. Sorry to burst your bubble my man , but golden syndrome was 2.1 patch, and we had gold drops in 1.5 wayyy befor that patch. Stones you get from instance gear is rubbish tier 90% of time i've gotten good stones once outta dozens of d/e ice black gear from DC. I wonder how many elder pieces you gotten from core because i have still to get a single one after hours farming those mobs , this isnt as effective as farming brusthonin mobs. Also i do not use bot , ive did 100% of my farming legit and NCsoft removing gold drops from those maps is just a way to be lazy so they dont have to man
  9. You must not play the game to not understand that theo/brusthonin fabled item drop is needed to make enchants since its higher lvl golds wich yields higher level stones. How are we supposed to even make progress enchanting our stuff if theres a VERY LOW supply of enchant/demolition gear left on broker. The solution was for ncwest to do their job and ban the bots instead of screwing over the remaining player base that actually pay for a subscription and remove items that are required to progress. Good luck +15 anything with l60's.
  10. All "Fortress Gate" All variant of "Dux" "Stallari" and "Ulsaruk" should be nerfed , as well as the Aetheric Field Generator are the most important.
  11. @Kibbelz @Loki The latest change for Siege stuff isn't working at all. Are you guys aware we have like 100 ppl on server on a good day? And only 30 of us even siege. You guys will have to nerf this shit to like 10% of the current value if you want any sieging to happen. Those changes litteraly did nothing. HP bars isnt moving on Gates / On Aetheric Field generators / Ulsaruk/Dux after 10 min we took like 15% of the door hp with siege weapons on. SIEGES ARE UNPLAYABLE Do you guys ever even log your game since you released Classic? So what di
  12. @Kibbelz @Loki When will we have an update on things? Drop rate still suck / no fabled in brushtonin or theobomos. Population freaking dead on both servers No way to get enchantment stones White items being untradable/ loot acquisition confirmation bug. What are you guys waiting for???
  13. Support told me to run a file check/Repair to fix the issue , wich obviously didnt work and when i told em its their game that has an issue and not my client/PC they tagged my ticket as "Solved".
  14. please let us farm stuff like before.. dont turn classic into retail , not being able to get anything from farming is quite ridiculous and litterally kills the game for a lot of people
  15. actually Cyan works for Square Enix now... wich is kind of a big step-up LMFAO
  16. I thought 1.5 would make this game better after spending so many months waiting for it but i guess i was wrong.. First off how are we even supposed to make kinah or enchantement stones now that NC removed the gold drops from Brushtonin/Theobomos?? i get we can still get drops from Beluslan/Heiron but most of the time the gold stuff you get from those maps is lvl 35 and do not yield high level enchant stones... Yea theres instance where you can get higher lvl fabled items as random drop but the Cooldown timer on those instance make it inefficient to farm let alone having to roll on the sai
  17. @Kibbelz @Loki Welp 3rd attempt failed on my deadass server. pretty sure i bought whole server blood supply i think we gonna need some sort of alternative for this quest cuz it is utterly ridiculous.
  18. @Kibbelz @Loki You guys need to wake up , this game is not as popular as it was 12 years ago , theres like less than 100 lvl 50 on IS server at any time , We already aware you got no intention of merging both servers so we can have an healthy population/economy but at least boost the drop rate on things like Boiling Balaur Bloods so people has a chance to do the quest wich is a main part of this update. How the heck are we suposed to even make this thing when bloods are like non existent or super overpriced. Theres no point of gating Miragent/Fenris quest so hard like 12 years ago. Le
  19. Yep 100% agree on that. Also IS population is damnnnn low , how are we supposed to even get bloods theres like 3 on broker. Boost the rate on balic mats or something... @Kibbelz
  20. you get less AP from the landing npc than the shugo in the core.
  21. you change the crowns/gobelet in abyss core theres 2 shugo on a platform outside of fort
  22. Legit question tho, how is web team not aware of things like this , dont they have to manage the website at least one time a week?... i mean 3/4 of stuff not working correctly is damn obvious the moment you log in game or on website... nobody at NCWest give a nyerk anymore. feel like this game could still be decent if it was managed properly , i never saw a company with such a lack of attention to their own product.. it's laughable. i feel bad for you @Kibbelz must be hell to try to keep community in one piece when the upper management clearly act like they don't even know Ai
  23. no fort instances in 1.5 , this is gonna be in 1.7 and yes the losing faction can acces instance with portals but they need to use an " artifact fragment" whatever that is to enter.
  24. They did say they planned stopping in 2.7 in their video to introduce aion classic in korea
  25. im like 5 part crit and 1 part attack so far using mix of ice black / Coin gear sitting at 1.5kish of accuracy i didnt get dodged yet in pve. i would suggest accuracy as a 2nd set for pvp to counter block cleric but then again its pretty early game atm dont think you need to focus that yet.
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