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  1. So i just got a wise dragon king's weapon box.. and idk if its because i didnt tune any weapon yet , but it seem like it dosent have any skill on it. Can anyone confirm if theres a skill on it or not.
  2. @Cyan where is the stigma enchant rate boost they got in Korea?
  3. that make no sense whatsoever... but yea i can see that happening too.
  4. @Cyan Rate is abyssimaly bad , +12 is impossible unless you drop 2000$ us on the game , fix it.
  5. Can we have events with actual good items??
  6. Just in case you guys wonder what i'm talking about. @Cyan @Hime
  7. @Cyan Can you forward the suggestion of having ultimate extend weapon selection box for next few events too? :)))) kthx.
  8. put Extendable weapon selection box in next event @Cyan TY!
  9. I just want to skin my dark talon greatsword qq
  10. Does anyone know if you can select any weapon for it or its just class based ie: Glad can only pick spear/one hand sword.
  11. anyone else cant buy Ultimate etium from altar vendor? .. it say it suposed to reset on wednesday at midnight and i still cant buy e.e
  12. Finally a good event!! Good job NC!
  13. in any altar ur faction has conquered.
  14. +1 Those instance need their rewards updated ASAP. @Cyan
  15. Finally , Gladiator taking its rightful place once again! GLAD IZ KING
  16. This month preview : More of the same! Character transfers in 2025 We don't know how to put transparent scrolls in-game Enjoy the "core" game! PS: next maintenance gonna take 14h to fix typos in skills and we gonna break a lot more thing while doing this. STAY TUNED.
  17. NA aion needs event to survive , giving us fewer event WILL kill the game.
  18. still tryin to figure out what the actual nyerk is that
  19. Welp they just pulled another Diablo immortal on us . GG nc for destroying everyone dream to see Aion 2 as a pc mmo
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