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  1. Katalam Server Crash

    Yea, guess not lol. Was hoping to see a post explaining some of the crashing and the reasoning for the emergency maintenance at least.
  2. Katalam Server Crash

    An emergency maintenance is a little different from a crash. Wonder where that forum post they mentioned in the in game announcement is at? x3
  3. Katalam Server Crash

  4. Katalam Server Crash

    Asmos were indeed affected. All NPC's up and vanished and we had a countdown until server shut down. Was eerie af with all the NPC's gone.
  5. I can kind of understand why they made it a scroll. If you can see someone's transform then you know what stats they have from it, and how powerful it is. Whereas if they use a transparency scroll you have no idea. Not saying I agree with it by the way. Just that I can understand why they would take the scroll approach.
  6. Awakened Gala Gift Box

    LOL. Okay so here's the basics. Transformation Contract is used to obtain one random transformation granting you a range of stats, normally Speed/Cast Speed/Attack Speed being the most important. In order to use a Transformation which you have gained by using a Transformation Contract, you must have Transformation Scrolls. So the scrolls without a transformation in your possession is useless.
  7. From my experience at 6.0 KR launch (yes I played KR servers) the leveling went by in a blur. Hitting 80 took 3 days of what I, as someone who has little spare time most days, consider casual play. That was 6.0 at launch, and I haven't gone back to it since but I'm pretty sure the leveling is just as quick. There were a good many different Campaigns, and some areas of the maps have been quite reworked and changed, but overall leveling was a total breeze. It felt extremely rushed throughout.
  8. are we the last region to get the update?

    https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/2830-Galeas-Information-on-main-topics/?postID=67317#post67317 So, Gameforge has already graciously announced they're updating to 6.0 sometime around September/October of this year by the looks of it.. Along with some other very helpful info. More than we typically get ahead of time anyways...
  9. are we the last region to get the update?

    KR, China, and RU have it to my knowledge. I know Gameforge has been posting some stuff about it on their FB, kind of like little teasers. We typically get updates before Gameforge pushes them out for EU due to the fact that Gameforge has to translate it into quite a few languages instead of just English. However they have gotten updates before us in the past, but rarely. We'll just have to wait and see which region gets it first. Good thing I play both lol.
  10. LAG

  11. lag

    Lots of people suddenly lagged and dcd......... RIP
  12. Omegas?

    So, I'm not back to Aion yet but only because I don't have net at my home for the moment. Despite that, when I do return I'm going to need to work on my gear and as I haven't truly played actively since 4.7.5 - 5.0 I'm rather clueless about where to obtain omegas and if they're really worth it. Any information would be great. I'm not one for posting so if this is in the wrong section or has been posted before I'm very sorry and with proper direction will be more than happy to rectify any wrong.
  13. BT bosses buffed ? no longer possible to solo ?

    Ok, so. BTNM first boss is not buffed. He's the exact same as always. Kited him in less than 5min with no issues at all, he was doing his normal damage, etc.
  14. Please bring asmo claws and manes back...

    I can show you the chest piece and the hat, but I can't preview the entire set at once Q_Q
  15. Alchemy Profession

    If Greater Healing Potions are still viable then those might be a good sell. Been a while since I sold any of my crafted goods.