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  1. In Memory of Instagib

    I'm so, so, sorry for your loss Pessi. This is extremely heart breaking to hear. Can't even imagine what you're going through right now. My deepest condolences. I've had so many fond memories playing with you both. Gib was always an exceptional player and person-- so skilled, yet so humble, wholesome and thoughtful. I remember all those days when we would run ID or PVE instances together. I remember the times when Gib would have to leave in the middle of instances to pick you up on time. You guys were such a great example of what it was to be a gaming couple. Since you both had quit Aion from a while back, whenever a new game would come out, I would always hear from other friends that you both were playing. It was always more motivating to maybe try out the new game knowing you both would be a part of that community. Now I wish I had actually played them; I wish I reached out sooner. Missed playing with you both a lot. Gib will always be missed and remembered. He was the best of us-- a true legend and inspiration. Stay strong Pessi, and thank you for sharing. Much, much love. - Funkeln
  2. Todays Siege

  3. Favorite Patch?

    If you can provide evidence as to why they "failed massively" please explain how or why? I don't see how master servers were considered a failure when they were more populated than the current servers at the time. And if you consider that a failure, then 5.0 must've been a complete disaster considering it was the patch that lead to the decline in playerbase over at Korea.
  4. Favorite Patch?

    Korean Master servers didn't fail though.. They were way more populated than the current servers at the time (5.0). The servers weren't completely removed either, they simply updated them, along with the other current servers, into the 6.0 patch. Prior to 6.0, a lot of koreans were quitting the game and were unhappy with the 5.0 patch. Anyway, I think the master servers would garner a lot of attention from both current AND older aion players who enjoyed past content especially in regards to PvP, older maps, and other content.
  5. Favorite Patch?

    @Cyan what would it take for the US to get a master/classic server like korea?
  6. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    Yes the return of the power up event was planned, but you guys also mentioned that you would give us prior notice before it goes up. Don't lie to the community @Cyan. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. God forbid we cancel plans, take days off, call in sick, PLAY THE DAMN GAME, and sit through mindless hours of grinding to gain tempering solutions and omegas, but if you want to blow away all of one's money to NCSoft to gain these items, SURE, be my guest!!!
  7. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    @Cyan Serious question, do you guys even play your game? I feel like none of you even understand how your game works, or how the items listed in the event's rewards list affect economy and game play. Some of the items on the rewards list are untradeable and can be achieved via better means (ie. instances such as Frozen Monolith, Evergale Canyon). Other items can be gained with much more ease compared to the amount it takes to farm "X" amount of coins to purchase "Y" from the rewards list. Yes, the omegas and temperings were very rewarding (basing off of the original price range), but if you guys actually played Aion, you'd have an estimate of just how many omegas and temperings (AKA. A LOT) it takes to gear just ONE character. And even then, Aion is a game that allows the creation of MULTIPLE CHARACTERS. This means that even though one character is "capped" out to one's liking via omegas and tempering solutions, etc., there are STILL ALT CHARACTERS that COULD FINALLY benefit (after all this time) and actually become PLAYABLE from this event. Second question: Do you guys actually even understand what "a bit" means? Because "a bit" does NOT in any way, shape, or form translate to around twenty times the original price. Your team initially stated this event would last for a month. You had more than enough time to fix the MAIN issue, which was allowing items to be looted through league loot. You guys then proceed to record the average coin gain per player, but fail to realize that the only reason the numbers were skewed that high were because of/influenced by 1) the original prices YOU GUYS LISTED, 2) the uncertainty of players to take advantage of the event in hopes that prices would actually be fair even after the adjustment. Did you guys even stop to think, after listing these prices, would players still continue to participate in this event? Did you guys contemplate if the results of your average-coin-gain-per-player survey would accurately convey the same results after listing these new prices? Because there is barely anyone in Tia Eye now, and due to the new prices listed, barely anyone is participating in this event. All these choices you guys have made were your mistakes, and, we, THE PLAYERS, end up suffering/being punished severely. I hope you guys really understand how your guys's decisions will reflect extremely poorly on your company. This has been THE BIGGEST blunder you guys have ever committed since I've played. You say you are listening to player feedback, but I just don't think you guys quite understand the gravity of this situation, especially in that you managed to garner responses from people, like myself, who typically never respond or complain. New games are coming up soon, you still have the power to readjust your prices to a more acceptable price. I can assure you, many people will not be returning to Aion if this continues to go unchecked.
  8. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    If these prices actually go live, you are going to be causing a large amount of your already small player base to quit-- especially with the arrival of new content, new games in that of Archeage, Bless Online, FF15 etc. When this Tia Eye event had first opened, it had rejuvenated a lot of players' hopes in this dying game. There was finally a way to reach end game gear, to gear out alts, to enjoy a nostalgic part of Aion's past. There was a PvP aspect to the event, and a PvE aspect as well. People were FINALLY GETTING TO ENJOY YOUR GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME. A bug was later found where mobs could be looted as a league, and instead of fixing the issue and changing it so that prices remained but loot was allowed for Group only, you guys decided to allow the bug and readjust the prices later. HUGE MISTAKE. These prices you guys listed here is THE biggest "nyerk you" to every single player who partook in this event, spending their time to farm and grind these past few days. Yes, it was a choice, but it was a choice INFLUENCED by the ORIGINAL listed prices made by your team. The original prices had encouraged a lot of players to sit through painful mindless hours of grinding as an opportunity to finally experience the game on an even playing field compared to those that "pay to win" Yes, people had known that the reason the NPC was taken out and the event was allowed to run was due to you guys monitoring the event, recording the coin intake per player. You guys failed to realize, however, that although there were people who grinded this event, there were also casual players who only have limited amounts of time to log in and play, let alone farm coins, and even some who took time off to participate in this event. Did you guys even ask yourselves: How long does it take to get "X" amount of coins in an hour? Would farming "X" amount of coins for "Y" price be a sustainable and fair process? Is mindlessly farming/grinding even enjoyable gameplay? Seems like the only things you guys are good at are: screwing with your player base, pissing everyone off, and shitting all over your own game. Good luck, should've left this shit game sooner instead of being hopeful that it would ever get better!