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  1. You are so salty and angry about everything in this game and NCSoft why don’t you do yourself and all of us a favor and find another game to play. There is like a million video games you can choose to have fun and you stick with the one that you complain about all the time.
  2. Before today I hadn’t seen a gold drop in like 10 FT run. Did five runs today and got a gold from all 10 bosses (5 Krom and other bosses). Not sure if it’s guaranteed gold drop but it was for me haha
  3. If you played that much since release, you should be thankful for the ban. They did you a favour
  4. Lol that’s totally false. When I hit 25, I did two NTC run and it took less than an hour to form party. Same goes for FT. I’m only 32 and barely have time to play right now but when I’m online I see several groups being form and several groups in instances using the search function. You all like to whine a lot but things are far from being as described on the forum.
  5. Lol that’s exactly what’s wrong with this community. The game has been out for three months and you say you have been asking for 1.5 for months. So basically you wanted the game to be 1.5 one week or two after release. Feels like you should be upset with yourself. You all knew the game would have minimal content when it was launched and you still rushed anyway. With that said, NCSoft should improve their communication skills by a million times. How does NCSoft think that one CM that does a couple post a week is enough communication is baffling. The difference between great companies
  6. I’ve played on both servers for about a month and while I was on Siel, the LFG was full of toxicity and trolls. On Israphel, when a newer player asks a question, several players answer and try to help. I might be the minority here but I do prefer a lower population server. Sure pvp is harder to find but at least you can play the game in a relaxed way. Tried to lvl on Siel and it was constant grieving/twinks rifting thinking it’s cool to kill lvling players. Both servers cater to a different player base and Israphel numbers are starting to slowly go up in the last week acc
  7. I don't think you understand the hype about classic. I haven't played Aion in a very long time (3.0 or something like that). Opening a classic server would bring a lot of older players that don't play Aion currently back (like me). Nobody in NA plays Aion retail now because... it sucks lol. Private servers are failing because none of them are good. They either have boring and unbalanced versions like 4.6 or shitty codes and lots of bugs. Having an official classic server with decent code would solve this issue. I can guarantee that if there is a classic server for both NA/EU together, the
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