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  1. 50 minutes ago, Hoarror-KT said:

    Such a terrible idea for NA... Already a small community, to make it more split would be the death of the game. NA has been notoriously terrible with ALL Private servers that attempted to do the same thing FOR FREE... Not to mention, who is going to support the NA Classic AION, the 3 and a half employees they have working at NCWest for the current version of AION?

    I don't think you understand the hype about classic. I haven't played Aion in a very long time (3.0 or something like that). Opening a classic server would bring a lot of older players that don't play Aion currently back (like me). Nobody in NA plays Aion retail now because... it sucks lol.

    Private servers are failing because none of them are good. They either have boring and unbalanced versions like 4.6 or shitty codes and lots of bugs. Having an official classic server with decent code would solve this issue. I can guarantee that if there is a classic server for both NA/EU together, there would be over 500+ players playing it. I have about 10 friends who would join it and i'm sure it's the same for a lot of older MMO fans.

    Running a classic server is easy and doesn't need a lot of people. Since Korea is doing it before the west, all they would have to do is translate the Korea version and run the server. No development to do.

    Best thing NCsoft could do for the company would be to open one classic server for EU and one for NA and charge 10-15 $ or Euro per month. Trust me, the subscription model worked for years and still work for games like WoW. The thing that kills MMOs are pay2win cash shops.

    Anyone who would join classic server, please reply to this thread. The more replies, the more NCsoft will consider a western classic server.

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