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  1. Dn server has a ton of lag and has issue's all the time aswell, but we don't get weekly resets? must be nice to run FM 40 times a week on geared af toons and get all ur gear and tons of kinah right? must be nice to never worry about your cooldowns?
  2. I mean this is true, but now there is almost 0 point in even bothering with cubics for benm because of this event and no real point in running when everyone will get given the weapon. All the people who haven't even done SL easy. GG
  3. Are you okay? I think someone hurt you. Also dumb af to all the people who farmed cubics to do benm and now your giving the wep for free to all lol
  4. Couldn't agree more with what Horuz said. As a recently returning player looking to get back into the competitive scene its brutal, im not even trying to get my dark talon set because of how long itll take me to get all the enchantment stones right now. It makes more sense to just get the ulti bm fierce set and be done with it because at this point opening 100 boxes of bm for the fierce set is easier then trying to farm 1k+ pvp stones when theres no real way to do so. 1/2 daily from pvp instances are not enough at all.
  5. Fix Windiels support quest please and thank you
  6. Literally just ran 10 cubic lab runs and got literally 1 golden cubic I can use? I literally just returned to the game and its awful to compete with everyone when the access to cubics/stones is so brutal this patch. ALSO THE FACT I LITERALLY SPENT A HOUR OF MY LIFE DOING CUBIC LAB TO GET ONLY 1 USEFULL CUBIC?! /endrant.. But no seriously, why is there no exchange for cubics from silver to gold from cubic lab? I heard there use to be... so now you just expect us to waste hours of our lives running this instance to get nothing we actaully need and waste more time grinding? Also I
  7. Can you please get windiels support quest fixed
  8. This, and this again. Would make it so much better on returning players
  9. The quest Windiels support is broken, and I've been told its a prereq for other quests. Would be nice to get this fixed to finish it lol.
  10. only way to get ulti xform to pay?!. yup ofc, ty ncsoft only p2w event.
  11. This will never happen on NA. Do you not remember the days of bots being everywhere in open world? Go look at the pandora quests spawn spots in herion, they are full of bots on the ely side and id assume asmo side aswell. This would make items cheaper and the ecomemy of the game cheaper, but would add 100000x more bots again and the game would be 60% bots farming.
  12. No event = dead server for a week ^.^ Cya next week guys
  13. When will grey wolf accessories finally be added?
  14. This 10x soulstone per run needs to be fixed, it literally takes only the first boss to kill to upgrade, no quests are needed to be done to get it only the prisoners/generators need to be done to get the soulstones. You can upgrade a full set in 6 runs total. Not sure if this was intended or not but 10x soulstones from every run and dropping from first boss is a joke ;p, in a week everyone will have the full set and again the gear will mean nothing to get. Also those complaining about not getting a invite to a bos run - make your own its not a hard instance lol. Research it and learn it,
  15. So I got a mob to follow me into last boss room about a month ago in bos I must be superfat, never heard of anyone getting a mob in last boss room but me No clue how the mob followed me all the way into last boss room, but it did
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