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  1. I wouldnt reccomend you to even bother to come back in this game for a lot of reasons: -The average player in the game is not even capable of running end game instances that require skills and/or good stats. A lot of players are not even motivated to run anything. Good luck in looking for a group! -Some instances are not made for NA standards, what i mean is : between high pings and not having "koran gear" , its almost impossible kill 2 bosses in two end-game instances (bos hard mode and toe). Only the 1 % of the players can actualy do this instances, and the rewards
  2. you obviously dont main SM and you dont know how it works, the buff you talking about its the linked stigma skill, which is almost useless in pve, if you want the 200 mb just use the spirit buff that its Always up, and in case a SM is trash geared can combine both of this buff's to have 400 + mb as and Magical accuracy. This is the only thing that might be fun in the spirit master. About dots CD and the dealy thing, well i agree, after a while you using spirit master its boring. As it is boring having a pet that will bug/die in some way or another, and as SM you need that ret**d pet.
  3. Realy? lol If they have such problems, for those people we should do another server where everything is more simple and appropriate to their ability, like for the olympics theres paralympic , we should do a "paraserver" for those special people. Start read english or use google translate i guess is too much.
  4. Its better find a new game instead of returning in aion. The more you play, the more you will hate this game. Bugs - Cheaters - Bad player support - Questionable decision's from aion support/"managers" . That's what you will find here. Bugs well known since months, still out there, same goes for cheaters. And aion support didnt improve at all. NC soft is not investing a lot of resources and attention in this game The game still keep going somehow. but personaly i wouldn't invest time and effort in it if im a new player or a returning player like you.
  5. 60+ BoS runs, i got a book-shoes--belt-ring-and one aether cannon. and i 'v been lucky realy lucky.There are people that still didnt get a weapon or a piece of armor. And now, weapons/armor acc everywhere....It's ok to put that gear in the events, but not like that, everyone, EVERY FUC***G ONE has harvester gear like its a standard pve gear. i worked my ass out for months running that instance and what was that for? took me 1 month to get 1 ring. now people that never run that instance can laught at this with their full harvester gear. i dont feel motivated to do anything in this game anymore
  6. To make your pet keep the aggro ,avoid use skills like weaken spirit, soul torret and stone scour, or vacum choke, and use only dots like erosion , chain of earth, cyclone of wrath , infernal pain. and pet skills like -Spirit disturbance-, spirit burn to ashes ,Spirit erosion ,Spirit ruinous offensive and the pet skill that increase the enmty of your spirit "Spirit pique" (it works better with earth spirit.) The best stigmas to play in solo and level , for a SM are : Armor spirit - Healing spirit - Spirit ruinous offensive -Cyclone of wrath- Spirit burn to ashes- Enmty
  7. Did you destroy the generators before the timer ends in the runs where you didnt get the ornate box?
  8. You cant fuse harvester with 75 AP, conditioning + augment doesnt work. The best at the moment is provenance weapon + 75 AP.the attack speed is quite usefull for a sm.BUT , in the next patch you can upgrade 75 ap gear in 80 ap gear so i would suggest to use 75 ap gear top and provenance bottom so you wont lose too much for the upgrade in the next patch. If for "best" you mean the weapon that give you the most damage, at the moment , should be harvester + ahserion . In the nextpatch the "best" will be 80 ap weapon+ another 80 ap weapon .
  9. I got an outdated item from utility box, the one used to combine the old enchant stones. If i send a ticket can i recive some kind of refound ?
  10. Almost always i get a send log /client crasch in the typhon room, while other people sometimes get a send log between the 1 boss and the fairy.(Also Luna -and adma get my client crasch at the least once 80% of the time) About BoS, so far in 15 runs i never got a send log
  11. i'd like to add 2 more weirds things that might be glitches, In the bridge match sometimes i see people jump out of the bridge and after a while getting back on the bridge without dying. and sometimes i also see people jump off from the bridge and stay on the ground without dying,but if i try to reach them i die. In the first case can be lag problem i guess... but when i see people stay alive on the ground under the bridge , they stay there for a long time while i can still cast skills, so cant be lag.
  12. Provenance weapon + 75 ap book, its the perfect weapon for a SM atm. Attk speed reduce the end cast animation of your skills, you improve the speed of your fear combo which is realy important. unless you playing with high ping, in that case you wont notice any huge difference, and if its that the case, soph weapon+75 ap weapon. or Harvester weapon+asherion or boundless weapon, can be totaly fine too, in that way you wont have attack speed, but you will deal more damage at the least. (if you wanna test the difference between with attk speed, and without, you can use BM weapon with att speed, or
  13. i had a problem similiar to your's and same answer . When 5.6 went out, i tried to enchant my weapon to +15 from + 11, i had around 3-5 k greater supp in the warehouse, i just moved 1 k in my inventory and i started enchanting, and as you all know by now, when you finish your Supplements and keep enchanting, the system doesnt tell you anything and just auto replace the supplements you need with the supp that cost you kinha, i didnt know that and i didnt noticed the 300 + mln that each enchant was going to cost, i just saw that i still had supplements for enchant and i kept enchanting (wi
  14. Its enough, there are people doing typhoon with 550-600 crit spell, i dont see why you shouldn't be able to with 700 crit spell.(your MB is totaly fine, mb cap in coe is 4700)
  15. There are only korean video's about that instance. Aniway its not hard learn that instance, with a few runs you will get used to it easly, i'll try to explain as clear as possible what i learned about ToE so far, even if my english quite sucks: BOOKS / 1 BOSS: There are 4 rooms before the 1 boss, in each room there is a book you have to find.when you enter in a room rocks will gradualy start falling dealing AOE dmg to mobs and players ,you have a limited time to get that book before the whole place is under those falling rocks .Even if you fail to collect books in time, wi
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