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  1. "Working as Intended and designed it that way" -----NCsoft GM Ultimate punchline to a joke
  2. I'm a Aion player started 1.0 in 2009 and played unit around5.0, recently watched some old Aion videos and decided to return. However this is by far the worst decision I have ever made,.seeing how NC has profoundly ruined this game and how much players had to suffer. 99% Game content removed, 0 game improvement other than a slightly change in Graphics+ Hard pay-to- lose. More Bugs than it did 11 years ago. 0 Game balance but full of hacks and scripts. ETC. Follow is the latest email I respond to them and this is the moment where I decide to walk this so called Aion out of my life
  3. well, you can see from the screen cap that The1.8k Meloons were were actually used to phurchase, and i did saw the weapon box in my bag for one second.
  4. KT ASMO THIS GAME IS SO DEAD I waited the Shugos that sells Imbued weapon chest there till tonight 9:00 PM, and I clicked and made the phurchase of that item. I heard the sound of the item was phurchased into my inventory already, but as I check it's not in my inventory, It even showed on my "system info" the amount of 1.8k Meloons were consumed to phurchase. I farm everyday for this Event And wait there for the NPC everyday, Is this what I'm being "rewarded"? Nothing? Made a successful phurchase and immediatly taken out of my bag? THE MELOONS WERE USED AND IT WAS IN MY BAG FO
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