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  1. Oh wow it actually worked, it's playing the real 1.0 theme that we didn't get in NA launch like it's supposed to. That's awesome, thank you! Those drums tho
  2. Glads are pretty straightforward to play, you just go in Ranbo and you're playing them the right way
  3. Migojio


    For now, but may as well enjoy this opportunity while we can before the game goes to crap again
  4. We want the TRUE Aion theme, not that Harry Potter BS!
  5. Despite the poll being registered retail players, it does seem like the natural choice for people is to go Siel, but choosing Sorc as the majority excluding bots seems unlikely. Even though unofficial Discords claiming mostly to be Cleric let's be honest, the majority is going to be Glad
  6. I tried to play recently, everything is so confusing. My Sorc was almost geared enough for the hardest dungeon idr the name back in 8.0, now he for some reason deals damage in the tens of thousands with just auto attacks. I can't imagine being geared these days, the damage will be so high that the numbers would be hard to keep up with lol. Dont know why Gelk and Inggi are around but 4.x content isn't, there was much better music in those areas and the Sanctum elevator was retired from killing players
  7. Mained Temp from beta until I quit in 4.x, came back around 8.x I think and mained Sorc for a few months. Sorc kinda sucks, Ranger pretty much does the same thing but better imo. I feel like Sorc is only necessary if your tank sucks and doesn't know how to not over aggro
  8. It was at this moment I knew that this post was going to be good
  9. Everyone probably will be treated as a sub account until the 30th so that way everyone is paying on the last day of the month every month
  10. You pay the subscription fee
  11. I got a 2 button Logitech mouse, I played a couple of Aion private servers and only really used the buttons for popping wings and one other thing like a healing pot or something. The way I hotkey things I can have just about every ability I need hotkeyed, I only use the combinations of shift, alt, and ctrls for high CDs I shouldn't be spamming like IS, EA, DP skills and whatnot. 1-5 with the letter keys I mentioned, that's 13 keys which is more than using 1-0 which is 10 keys. I would get a mouse with more buttons but so far I'm happy with the one I got, my hand fits on to the mouse comfortabl
  12. I'm guessing the xp bar will be less than the original requirement as that's what they usually did
  13. This site just lists coin quests and half of them are listed without info, also doesn't seem to specify if it's a dedicated page to just classic. Not sure if you know but the coin quests that were constantly repeatable used to be just once per day dailies. I just want to know if anyone thinks it's going to be repeatable or daily because I didn't play classic in Korea
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