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  1. I was thinking the same thing yesterday, sat there watching one toon run faster then possible to get to a mob and target it before it even spawn, I couldn't get a silly daily done (I needed 5 small and 5 large wild life) and this one guy would target it and kill it before it got it of it's spawn in phase, I had all boosts possible on for run speed and even tried my mount and couldn't keep up. Makes me really sad that botting/cheating has never been an issue for NC since the game launched. It was the one reason I left the game to begin with and I see it hasn't changed even after all these years
  2. Hi all, I haven't played for many years, I have a few toons that have been merged into one sever, so I started a fresh on the new server and so much has changed, I don't ever remember leveling up this quickly nor having gear just handed out to you (I remember hunting named mobs to possibly get a drop). But being this is a new toon on a new server I can't merge my kinah from the old ones (total fresh start), so what's a best way to make some as I went to apply my first stigma stone and I barely have enough to do it. The quests seem to not give any anymore, just getting the acorn things a
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