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  1. They eliminated the reason for crafting by giving away the most popular crafted items. People who enjoyed crafting and making revenue from it left.
  2. Are there any plans to open all of the character slots? Used to be able to create all 8 characters
  3. Yes, the merger comes about 6 months to late. I did a search today in each region and none hit 110 people at any location. This is what they wanted though. The got rid of crafting, questing, and restricted pvp. All 3 combined was a huge chuck of the player base. Aion Classic started out strong, because people thought it was going to be like the Original, When people found out it was not like the original it lost a lot of people and as they removed more and more game play more and more left. At this point I believe it has to be intentional, they do not want it to be successful
  4. NCSoft working hard to reduce server population. They have been extremely successful in killing the game twice. I dont understand why you would develop a game and then eliminate the player base. Why have crafting if your going to give the most crafted items away for free? since crafting is ruined whats the point to have gathering? Why have lvl 30 pvp gear if you cant get it at level 30? Why have rifting if your going to eliminate AP for rifting? Why have quest it you level past the rewards by the time you complete the quest? They should set the game out as they want it, instead of making a gr
  5. You dont start over in a merge. You just have more people on the server. I think it is to late now, they already killed the game. Drop rate is to high, PVP is nurfed, free scrolls and coin gear ruined the economy, XP rate is to high, this is what they did on retail and it killed the pop. Repeat the process and got the same result.
  6. they are taking the same direction they did retail, so the end result will be the same. Population is already gone, I checked multiple times over the past couple of days and there is an average of 34 people logged in to morhiem with spikes into low 50's. Bel is roughly 50 to 70. Ishlagen is the tell tale sign with 8 t 0 10 people and most of them are bots. If you dont have a player base in the lower level the higher level will die out. NCSoft doesnt understand how versatile Aion is and try to force everyone into the same style, causing the different play styles to leave. They give away
  7. NCSoft was quick to kill this one. They released a sudo Aion Classic instead of the real thing. Thats why it was such a strong start, but people quickly realized it was not Aion Classic, but a combination of Retail and Aion 1.5. The final kicker is they reduced the AP you get in pvp so the average player has no chance of getting pvp gear, which the die hard players and the AP traders both have theirs. Just like in retail when they nurf rifting the first time causing a huge population drop forcing server merges. NCSoft doesnt understand that people have different playing styles a
  8. Agreed. They made exactly the same mistakes this time they did last time. I guess they didnt learn from their previous mistakes. I dont understand NCSoft's line of thinking. The last change I noticed was the largest drop and that is the reduction of AP. Now the die hard players were able to get their AP gear so NCSoft made it so it was nearly impossible for the average player to get AP gear. Here is the thing NCSoft doesnt seem to grasp. Aion is a multiplayer game and you have many different playing styles. Just like in the real world some styles of play dont work well with others.
  9. I really dont think they are in it for the money. They could have made so much more releasing the real classic version. They had a strong turn out for the initial launch and could have grown from it, but many saw right away it wasnt the classic version. It was a dumb down version with many quest missing and bosses and campaigns are a joke. They used to be a challenge and required groups, You can no solo every campaign upto Lost Deava in Morhiem. At level 34 you can 2 man Kromede ( This wasnt possible in the real Aion Classic) It used to be a game you could have fun playing all levels, now t
  10. I was wondering the same thing. Each change they made this time has decreased the population. When they made these changes on retail the population decreased, did think doing the same things would end in a different result. They released a partial Aion classic which disappointed many who wanted to see the real classic version. They continue to make changes more like retail and continue to lose population just like retail. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. NC Soft will continue to repeat horrible decisions and receive the same result (Lost popul
  11. It wasnt an attack, it was pointing out incorrect information about what a twink is. You used an emotional response and described your feelings about what a twink is. I didnt attack you, you just made an incorrect response and I pointed out a few things. Yes some twinks got upset I am sure when high levels killed them, but most like me, do not. It saved my AP many times as my rank got higher. Fighting the higher levels or evading them was part of the fun for twinks. I have killed plenty of higher levels on my twink. I use my twink on my own side all the time chasing elyos twinks. I
  12. Its doesnt have anything with deceiving other players at all. Maybe demonstrating their abilities and achievements in the game, it takes a lot to twink a character (or it used too, this version makes it much easier) I have a level 16 twink as well and use him to help my lower level teammates through quest, farm elites, and campaigns. It has 0 to do with deception.
  13. wow..thats a lot of incorrect information mixed with a little truth. This explanation is from someone that doesnt really understand twinking, and explained it with based on his personal feelings. Twinks are players that do stay lower level and utilize the best gear they can get at lower level. They are people who like the pvp side of the game and build a low level pvp character. I like both so I have my PVE Characters and I have a couple of twinks. This way I can jump in with friends and run quest or dungeons or whatever we want to do. I can also log into my twink and do some pvp. H
  14. On the real Aion Classic it would take months to build up a good toon. In this version it is super easy mode. You can level to 50 and gear up in 4 weeks easy enough. They give you the gold coin gear (Silver, Gold, and Plat) You get free scrolls, pots, and boosts, you have a way to make 250 to 300k per day in about 3 min with Candy. They also give you stacks of those in which you can make a couple Million easy. The imbalance is crazy and a big part of it is the huge bot population. When they did cut asmos off the bots signed up for Elyos until it leveled out and you could ad Asmos again.
  15. Yes NCSoft didnt learn from the last time. They duplicated exactly the same mistakes as before killing the game quickly. They made it easier to run bots, They give you everything, Coin gear is free, no need to do coin quest, report hackers and they respond with "Nothing they can do" There are a few rangers now that shoot more than 90 meters and they do it in the open. They loot mobs from those distances as well. Reported, with video and screen shoots. NC Soft does nothing. I knew from the start they killed this one. They need to release Aion classic for real and not this garbage
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