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  1. sorry i was late to the thread. As boring as it is, collect as many acorns as possible with the missions or those things that give you a reward to buy equipment. You can exchange them for legendary potions and mount for a day. I assure you that you are going to need the potions, not so much for the statistics, but for the speed they give you.
  2. Well, after how complicated some of us are in the forum, I guess it would be well deserved a salary increase for Loki and Kibbelz. Thanks for putting up with us and a very happy new year.😁👍 And also to all the unbearable of the forum. (including me)👍😘
  3. Hello dear moderators. Maybe they can convey this. Always the same. Events for a few. """"all Small and Big Game monsters in Inggison and Gelkmaros will gain a chance at bonus drops....""""" The same people doing and covering everything in pre-established places without fear of intruding and not being able to do the event. Perhaps it would have been better if the appearances of these critters were really random. I really got angry today and went to kill bosses at BDO. Sorry for Aion.
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