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  1. Hey guys I'v learned a lot of things in this post... @MechEagIe-DN @AriaTheMelodious-DN @Haniya-DN @Bjorn-DN I need to buy 2 strong PCs to do a simple "TUAL BOX", yeah! you got what i mean. Bjorn like suck GRINGOS nyerk. 2. No one gives a nyerk to you Bjorn. MechEagle still xenophobic. Everyone who understood "DUAL" rather than "TWELVE" is deaf. Matheus tyvm for sharing this video with us. Please teach me how to bug Frigida! 🤑
  2. So if this PC can't handle DUAL BOXING... I don't know, but 12 boxing maybe it can't.
  4. "Open one account in a sandbox, put it in luna afk, open a second account in another sandbox, put it in luna afk and do it for many accounts. Come back 30 minutes later and most likely all are done, claim rewards, log next chars and repeat." I got your point but, look, Vanilla do the same thing you described with one click: This simple button do all the MAGIC of login 12 accounts and enter luna AFK on each and do 12 characters on each account. Why you need 2 PCs if you going to do it manually and your first PC can do the job? I tell you... because the second PC will do it automatic
  5. Dude manage 12 boxes at same time with sandboxie? On second PC? And Playing main account at same time? You really believe he uses that? Don't be Innocent bro.
  6. Hypocrisy People when they are drunk or distracted often say the truth. That's what we saw in this video. With his PC configuration he can open 12 boxes without locking anything. I certainly would not brake with 2 boxes. Stop being a hypocrite and assume you use it too.
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