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  1. I thought this post was trolling at first lol.... until I realized he wasn't being sarcastic 😐
  2. Seriously will love you forever, if you do, please PM me here and we can work on a deal 😧 if this is the wrong channel for it, please let me know which I can use and I’ll delete it from here thank you lovelies! ❤️
  3. Thanks, and I appreciate the help here theres only 1 issues and it’s most likely due to how Fire Temple functions now. The weapon that is dropped is contained in a box called “Kromede’s Weapon Box” and depending on the class that opens it, it contains a weapon specific to that class, meaning, even if I were to do this whole setup and get the box for my sin, upon opening it, I’d be only allowed to choose either the dagger or the sword in this case Guess I’m stuck for good lol
  4. Okay...Update: Made a new account, Ranger/Marksman. Got to Level 43 On my Main, bought a brokered bow which stated, "TRADABLE/Soul Binding Available" Traded this weapon to my Alt. That worked So we're in FT, the weapon drops, on my Alt I reskin the brokered TRADABLE BOW with Kromede's Bow. When I attempted to trade it back, it says "this item cannot be traded" even though on the weapon itself it says, TRADABLE and Brokerable (but wont let me broker it either) Im gonna lose my mind.... PLEASE SUGGESTIONS!
  5. OMG really?? Will def give this a try now and let you know how it went! Thanks all! ❤️
  6. Hi there! Thanks for the response, So option 1 seems easier but I don't have 2 PC/laptops, so....... maybe not Option 2 seems doable, I could make a ranger and take him to 43 for FT. But then, what weapons are tradable by nature and what's "soulbounding" thought it was in older Aion only. If you know some items in particular, would really help so I don't waste time leveling up a 43 toon for FT Thanks
  7. Hey there! Super late response but I was looking for JUST this actually Are you sure the weapon box is account transferable? Says it isn’t but maybe that’s after you open it once? Unsure.
  8. Hi All! .... so my Sin is 80 and I wanted to get the Kromede BOW skin for her (already have the dagger and sword skins) but I know she drops the weapon box specific to whichever class is running the instance on Fire Temple is it possible to get this skin, if so, how can I go about doing it? Can it be remodeled on a bad weapon and remodeled again on another? Example: I make a lv 43 ranger, take her to FT, get the weapon, remodel it on a white bow, then sell it on Broker. I buy it from myself, and remodel it on Inggison skin weapon for example than
  9. Thank you!! Great suggestion!! I did like 3 pieces and got so many wow eazzzzzy mode lmaooo, finally my gear looks less noobish thanks again all!
  10. Thanks! Although it’s been tough to do Eso since it’s group only and no one wants to do it (or even hold a group) lol I guess I’ll camp outside PF for a few days 😩😩😩
  11. I wonder which sky you're using cause my sky's broken Thats currently the hardest thing for me to get now. I run 1 instance and maybe get a Ancient/Mythic piece to extract. That's barely 50-100 lol.... each extraction takes 200-350 from what I've seen
  12. Wow, super helpful, thank you so much <3!! These really help break it down, taking notes ^.^ As far as socket stones go, I'm surprised how dense I can really be.... lol didn't realize I can just EXTRACT the darn item without the need of a Solvent *sigh..... and no where on the interwebs did I find someone that mentioned, "heyyyyy! you dense-elyos-nyerk-named-Shylee, you can just extract naturally" so...then whats the point of the solvents? do they just give more socket stones when used to extract? Thanks, I'll do a better job of keeping my eyes open. I thought I did a clean swee
  13. Yes, helped a lot, thanks! As a 3.0 player I am used to the extraction tools from before but now I’m having a hard time finding the solvent item Is there an easier way to obtain it rather than the Weekly which seems tough too..
  14. Hey there! Shylee-KT / Elyos shylee (L in the name is an “i”), some nyerk took my name 😂 but yes since this post, I’ve managed to get my full PvE gear from Inggy (Heartguard), and PvE accessories from Katalam. I appreciate everyone’s help here
  15. Got it! Thank you, still trying to find the NPC that sells Soveirgn gear, I noticed everyone are wearing those, so there’s point to buy the PvE Experience Mark gear in Inggison/Katalam/L?
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