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  1. They have a anti-cheat program running its called XIGNCODE it works they just too lazy to pick up the phone and have XIGNCODE update the program. Tells you loads and loads whats going on with AION when you can report bots for weeks and weeks and they still do not do anything to deal with them. They have the software they pay for that software they don't use it what's that tell you? Also tells you loads about how many hacks and cheats are getting back into the PVP aspect of the game if they can't even solve the bot issue with a anti-cheat program.
  2. ROLF its gear based PVP thats why its crap enchantment rates they will sell you PVP stones soon enough they always do. Little to late for them to stop with the p2w gear based no skill having pvp now. And its really a good thing its gear based pvp watching some people pvp with any lack of skill in their class is fun to watch yet they always seem to win when they out gear other players. I mean hell pvp gear does just a good damage to PVE mobs as it does PVP players yet it dont seem to be that way when it comes to PVE gear.
  3. I don't know whose bright idea it was to get rid of the Archon armor and weapon dealers, when you make white equipment untradable and can't store it in your wearhouse needs a swift kick in the ass. Sorry but I started playing the game because the plate and chain armor looked amazing now we're stuck with freaking party dresses as armor. Either allow us to trade the white sets like the Ebonscale or put them in our account warehouse so we can actually make armor look like armor again.
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