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  1. Since the event page didn't get posted until yesterday night, can we get it extended for another week? Better yet send out a survey to everyone with 500mil or something. Make everything more inflated.
  2. I feel like they probably don't know about it lol. It probably got implement with one of the other events, otherwise they would have posted it on the event page. It is ncsoft though so ¯\_(ツ)_/
  3. Idk compared to the first one of this event, this one is way more f2p friendly as you can easly get the mats from lugbug daily and weekly. How many attempts you want is up to you. And im sure their are people out there who've been hoarding those enchantment stones for this sole purposes since this event was bound to come again.
  4. Y'all only looking at the down side and the p2w part, at the very bottom it specifies the promotion of combining a total of 12 or more and if you have not acquired and ultimate then you are guaranteed a box. So this event is in fact not entirely p2w.
  5. Like the title says. Why post so late? You don't want player to prep for updates or stuff? I mean it should take all that much time to write a post about what going to happen tomorrow.
  6. That paragon promotion... way to squeeze more money out of the playerbase
  7. The probable fix for the luna botting is making it when it first came out, where you can't get S rank from afking the instance. Since you need S rank to get the luna light which is required for all crafts.
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