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  1. I don't actively play aion anymore since it sucks but the other day I was thinking about some of the voice lines that the NPCs have (or used to have, since I think they replaced some of them). I was just thiking that "i hope fate finds you strong" was such a raw line, and titles like "spiritspeaker" were also cool as hell words. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has examples like those, or just things they thought were cool while playing.
  2. yeah we all know that Aion uses names from mythology, but it definitely does whatever it wants from there. Aside from etymology, there's pretty much no correlation. And those names are SO old that they're public domain. Aion has not plagiarised anything. This book, however, literally copies Aion's main story. Like, the whole premise. The thing that makes its universe unique. I pasted the summary right there. It's literally exactly the same as Aion. Even adaptations of preexisting myths are more different than this supposedly unrelated book is to Aion. And the worst part is that they're tr
  3. I recently came across this book called The Never Tilting World and it literally has the exact same premise as AION. For those who don't want to click the link, here's the summary—I've bolded the similarities: Given AION's rich lore, and the fact that it likely containts hundreds of books' worth of text, this feels like a really cheapening knockoff. Plus, isn't this degree of similarity literally illegal??? I mean, hello??? AION has been out since 2009. How come none of the publishers noticed this?
  4. just curious, what are y'all's thoughts on a single-player server for archival purposes? like, copying the server files and using an emulator to play locally. not for profit, not distributed...thoughts?
  5. hey guys! i, too have many issues with 6.0, including the shafted lore, the deleted maps, the walled-off areas, and the typos....oh god the typos..... but anyway, if you're specifically looking for the maps, the cosmetics, etc., like i think @Aieryn-DN was (i've been stalking a lot of aion nostalgia threads, lmao) there's a single-player emulator for aion out there. all you need is the emulator files and a client. the one i found only works for 5.8, which i know isn't ideal for some people, but better than sitting through some nyerkt xform sequence, imo. there are older client files
  6. what? I'm talking about the staff that some norsvold npcs have, with the green animation? i checked the earth set, and it's not that. are there any instances still dropping the forgotten reian set?
  7. the forgotten reian skins are archdaeva skins, though, so why would they drop from low level instances?
  8. i am LIVING for the forgotten reian staff skin but if i'm correct it's probably not going to be available on the broker? so how do i get those? thanks in advance, yall.
  9. thanks everyone. i finally know what all the enshar npcs are wearing... also @bryos usually i prefer chain. compared to the others i dont think it's as gross as like, some of the leather/cloth ones. plate is usually a mixed bag because there are some really well-designed ones and some bikini armor ones which like...rip. im lowkey considering defecting to elyos because some of their lower rank chain armors have real pants...
  10. I started getting really into aion around last year, which is great for fast leveling, but I also missed out on some pvp and cool skins, so i have several burning questions: 1. is there an instance that drops a skinnable version of the level 55 elite fledgeling skin? i know it's similar to the marchutan/kaisinel protector's set, but i'm specifically intereested in the shoulder piece and...the protector set is really hard to get... 2. WHAT IS THE ARMOR IN THIS IMAGE (from cheesecake-DN i believe): 3. are there any female skins that don't look like weird fetish gear
  11. oof now i have to go to pvp areas...;-; anyways thanks so much again! just one more question for now. since i rolled asmo, i don't know about kaisinel. so my question is...is he an nyerk? haha anyways i might reply later with more questions. in the meantime, thanks so much for your help!
  12. woah.....that's...a lot. thank you so much for this, it was a great read. i do have some more questions, though, if you or anyone else is interested in answering. is there a website where old books are transcribed? i've seen some on the wiki but i'm not sure if that's all of them. additionally, what happened in the 4.0 campaigns? (like in katalam and danaria, if i have my info right.)
  13. I started playing aion around 5.0, so I wasn't around for most of the "good old aion days," as most people call it. But I was reading the wiki, and I'm super interested in the lore, particularly the stuff about Brusthonin and Sarpan. Is anyone here knowledgeable about the Brusthonin and Sarpan campaigns? I barely know anything about the Reians (like Kaza - I keep seeing him mentioned). And in Brusthonin, I know a little bit, like about the adma drama, but I'm not familiar with things like Villaire's story because the campaigns were removed. Basically, is there a place where I can read abo
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