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  1. Yeah, I think people who bought the 30 day sub are aware it exists and how to purchase it. Why don't they give us a reason to want to buy it. I am PO'ed at NCsoft rn. Sorry if I am being rude.
  2. see title, can't be bothered to do more for a game this lazy. Seriously charging 15 USD for a sub and 30 for a BP and that's all you can do? I'll be spending what I normally spend in Aion on other games this month. New World is in Beta and looks really good.
  3. This. I don't flame you guys or even complain that much, but before I put anymore decent sums of money into one of your games I would like some idea of what the future holds. Is there no word on the patch because the fate of Aion retail currently is just up in the air? How bad is it exactly?
  4. Welcome all DN asmos, look forward to having new blood in our little fam :D Willing to work with whatever keeps at least one server alive.😅 Elyos can get rekt (kdding..I am sure you are nice people that will kill the crap out me) Honestly what concerns me lately is talk of Aion retail NA shutting down completely, my account is a collection of various skins and items over the past 10 years that I would be slightly devastated to loose. Classic is awesome in many ways, but also pretty boring. After returning once again this year and grinding to catch up I really just don't feel like doing
  5. I was totally expecting it to be elyos that were full 😮 Neat.
  6. Nm I found it! Is there a screenshot thread where we can show off our characters and skins because people make some truly amazing toons in this game and I love looking at them. If we don't have one then I totally will start one
  7. That makes sense, but from what I could see before the emergency mat there were no actually changes to loot in the Underpath either. Does collecting both mean we would be exploiting a glitch? I suppose I can also wait and see if the changes went live after the e-mat.
  8. I am confused. The Instance was never down. It is still up and giving people the same bundle. Normally I would not post but this is so weird that I am now intrigued. lol Do the official people on the forums not actually login to the NA servers? Also please stop killing the game. I just came back. I have spent a lot in this game over the 10+ years I have had my account. On many things that are now obsolete and useless might I add, yet I still play and put my money into it because I genuinely love so many aspects of the game. Including all my very pretty skins. I am tryin
  9. Like another poster I saw here recently I am just returning and have not played since 65 pre 6.0. I have figured out how to get the full Ultimate PVE set & accessories from renown and experience marks. anyways.... Are most easy mode dungeons noob friendly? I have never played most of them and can't seem to find much up to date information online on strategy or walkthroughs. I see people posting a lot for SL easy and I really want to join, but also don't want to ruin a run for anyone 🙃
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