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  1. When u log in u still hear the 7,x OST. Will this ever be changed to the 1,x theme? I remember seeing Kibbels mentioning it would be fixed before the live launch.
  2. Mvb

    Low fps 3080 Gpu

    Since u made your own topic i think u found out
  3. Mvb

    Low fps 3080 Gpu

    I found a fix, hope its legal, but shugo console fixed it, 300fps now.
  4. Hey, I know that a 3080 is a bit overkill for Aion, but for some reason my fps stutters between 30-40 fps, even in Ishalgen. I know Aion is more CPU reliant, but it only peaks to about 5% (i9-10900KF). Does anyone else experience the same issue or has a potential fix for this? On my older pc i didnt have any of these issues on other versions of Aion.
  5. You don't have to buy the pass u know. Just pay the sub and u are good.
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