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  1. So it gets better - I got my level 8 toon out of there by using Return (course i had to relog from the Send log to find out if it worked....), then just ran around punching mobs until she maxxed out level 9. Problem now being that I can't advance to level 10 without completing the Ascension campaign. Which I can't get because I can't complete the Haramel campaign. On a whim, I took my level 80 ranger down there just to see what would happen and yeah - immediate Send Log. Folks, this is the first instance a potential new player will see. I don't think it's too much to ask t
  2. So I made a new toon last night out of desperate boredom. She made it into Haramel (level 8) and send logged. 3 times in a row. Now again tonight twice. Hopefully I'll be able to get her out of there with Return but its a matter of seconds before the game crashes. Has anyone else experienced this?
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