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  1. Too bad I'm gonna have to just ignore you. !_! BYE ..... .
  2. - _ - Like I'm gonna reply on you. why mention my name. Don't mention my name in any of your posts never ever. UNDERSTOOD ?
  3. Blocking is for kids. you're just like her. Do what you want. It will not affect on me. Kidsssssssss*! No. ._.
  4. Who are you again ?! doesn't really sound interesting.. not sorry to disappoint you this time. No, sorry. I bow only to Kings.
  5. Who are you again !? I'm not hypocrite. as I said haters gonna hate I had reported this reply already. So I'm not gonna tell you my report but them.
  6. I think I'm being hated by most hated people cause you're describing me with more haters' idioms so that just gives me the winning not you. ( sorry to disappoint you -again ) Think again I'm nothing of this, Hater literally CheeseCake!
  7. I am the creator of this post if there's anyone who replies nice I will reply nice back to them. That's how it works. You described me as hypocritical and vindictive, so whose fault it is ? I have reported your reply.
  8. Yay how funky she is I'm impressed I'm not stopping until I'm done with people like you These idioms were made mainly by haters of others much much more better than them; I'm more successful than you and than you think Haters gonna hate. cheers you are one of them. go to hell!
  9. That part. And if you think SHE shouldn't be offended , this consider this just a pay back. being offensive to others. In the end I would like to thank you for acting like a loyal lawyer. lol No
  10. About the game not about me, she's being offensive. that's not from the rules.
  11. hahah that's funny yeah and I said sometimes I don't loot the boss at all and loot later so I am aware of the struggle, nothing new you said. They never reach 200 only 96 so far..... at least at this time As I said before I'm not looking for attention. And it's not attention whoring, it's general discussion. Everyone now became attention nyerk. wtf how your brain works !?
  12. A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. Proverbs 15: 1 No, sorry to disappoint you. But it was inappropriate at all.
  13. Nope blocking is for kids but asking for your right when it comes to team work effort and being excluded from team and blocked from getting into any alliance who's ever the leader is is what deserves attention and care. It's not childish. It's important that someone being treated badly for no reason, like she said my leaders have patience of saints.. on what ? What wrong I have made. Actually many take time looting things and ask to move to different group. Can you tell me why I got banned from that siege in the first place. It's my right to report for harassment. It's a grown up human right. Put yourself in my place how would you feel. ? And I didn't want her to get banned at all you all actually misunderstood; all I meant was if she was in charge of alliance and kicked then blocked. Then that's harassment and impolite action and behavior. Actually she is the one started it by writing that inappropriate reply in the first place. And things like this I discuss with you so that they be treated.