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  1. Nope blocking is for kids but asking for your right when it comes to team work effort and being excluded from team and blocked from getting into any alliance who's ever the leader is is what deserves attention and care. It's not childish. It's important that someone being treated badly for no reason, like she said my leaders have patience of saints.. on what ? What wrong I have made. Actually many take time looting things and ask to move to different group. Can you tell me why I got banned from that siege in the first place. It's my right to report for harassment. It's a grown up human right. Put yourself in my place how would you feel. ? And I didn't want her to get banned at all you all actually misunderstood; all I meant was if she was in charge of alliance and kicked then blocked. Then that's harassment and impolite action and behavior. Actually she is the one started it by writing that inappropriate reply in the first place. And things like this I discuss with you so that they be treated.
  2. Grow up. Blocking is for Kidsssss*!
  3. Here comes my part. AH finally.. Silence. Is golden
  4. Sorry to disappoint you; I will feel free but I will leave nothing (:
  5. Thank you bro for your reply. I actually understand that very clear. But Bro I like team work but some leaders are bad. THAT'S the main idea of this thread. Ty again <3 Cya later, literally CheeseCake!
  6. Oh yeah so what !? Yeah I can see you can be funny in so many ways. Congratulations on that. I know how to do that too but I'm not a kid.
  7. No thanks if I see you making an alliance I won't join them. come on you just said it there is too many alliances who are you ?!
  8. I said sorry to disappoint you not because I want to ban her nor because she blocked me, but because she would prevent me from joining the siege through blocking my request to join as she said.
  9. Sorry to disappoint you.. !
  10. If she block me for her evil plan to prevent me from getting into the siege as she said. Then I Have The Right To Report Her.
  11. No bro I don't want attention. Ty for your reply.
  12. Notice my words, I said " Then " which means if only in that case THAT happened Or at least until she gets reformed and unblock and like a polite person add me to the alliance siege again.
  13. You have no idea about my report. And I can report her. And I will not leave my rights if she kick me for no reason and then block me as she said and not letting me in the alliance by not getting my request. Then I can report her and I will keep reporting her until they ban her if possible. You don't consider this a threat ?! I have already made a report on this forum reply. Yes, you are threatening me!
  14. This only means that I got you by replying to every single word you said and you can't reply back; that's what the gif mean, so it's against you not for you. Sorry to disappoint you again !_! Stop using gifs in public forums, so you cool now, you funky now.. kids will always stay kids. btw the gif is just like or describes your personality. saying Go to my other topic in the general discussion to let you see that I will report someone called Aly, I hope you can see their reply and judge it by yourself. I will mention you in it.
  15. Fine Then. I will report you. Not for not agreeing with me. But for saying that if you were the leader of the league you will kick me from siege and blocking me so that you don't see my request. And I'm gonna report this gif too for Harassment on Public. You are impolite person and I had enough of you and I will write decent report of you behavior. Don't reply to any of my posts again, excuse me. I wish cyan do something about this farce. @Cyan
  16. I took a lot of time to make edit, so it wasn't authorized by the system. If I knew there was time I would have prepared myself. And don't make the same mistake twice I wrote another reply because there was error making edit in this reply and I also could find edit option for the second time. Okay. Hope I have made it clear. don't rush into judgement.
  17. I already did. Yes and it's very easy and I know all this; I don't know why you talk so much of things we already know!! I didn't spam. I didn't say in my post that I spammed. You just typed all this just to say this ?!! I'm sorry to disappoint you ! No they would take me and my friend and every single person cause however weak we are they still need to make a push and they can't make a push if their numbers are few. So they actually would take us. They Need Us. Not like that but they need me and every other person to loot the boss for the server to maintain its progress and balance and the game goes on whatever the race or the faction are. 2nd they need me and others to get GP so that when some ranks go down and other ranks go up they still have some high ranks that can transform and win the siege war and so they can get GP too and the game continues. So yeah they actually need me to get GP, that's for our own good. That's because you don't know how to think straight and not a good heartened person. No not like that , it's just as I explained before. it's an mmorpg. they need multiplayer. What behavior! you making me like I made a crime. Yeah I know they are nice and I say ty. No because it helps us winning the siege planning out tactics and bringing victory to our faction. If he's not in my group How can we keep up and do this ? No budy, I'm being irritated.. He's a spiritmaster and I am a ranger we make perfect team each time we with each other.
  18. Of course there is it was just an accident ! You obviously have no brains ._. Yeah How happy I'm!!! puffff I can see this .. You are a judgmental person with no brain to think like I said. Patience of what ? What are you talking about huh !? I don't get you and if league leaders kicked from siege I will report you and them and they can see their block list and then this won't be funny when I report them for not joining in siege alliance like I'm gonna report this post of you on this forum thread. Happy Now ?
  19. when I pressed the alliance menu I found that there is 1 empty slot in group 2; the group me and my friend were in before I was moved, so I asked in the alliance chat to move me to group 2. But they didn't respond and soon after that they brought another ranger instead of me into that group. And then the siege started. That all is made on purpose and it's not funny, it sucks. So the community in Danaria is very bad when it comes to elitests and alliance and league leader unless if they were good people but they are bad. just saying
  20. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - November 15, 2018

    Hp related to the spirits in spirit masters class is very low, even the summoners hp is higher. It's not appropriate, usually it's higher or at least the same, especially in earth spirit. I think this patch forget about that. We need to fix this as soon as possible.
  21. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    There's something wrong with management; I mean you make improvements in game so that it take place and we feel some change to better, but then people complain about it as it has gone so much worse, I mean what's wrong with you ? I think obviously you have no idea what we go through in this game, that's why developments come lately. Another example people who have 1 legendary daevanian skill left will still roll the dice even though they have enough already, why can't we all just loot the shugo. I hope you study what you do before you do it, 'cause we are suffering and no one feels.