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  1. 1- I can't put items crafted through atherforging in my account storage for my other toons to have or send them by mail but I can only broker them, So what's the useful or the idea of selling them to other characters If I can't have my toons instead to have them, or I will have to be quick to switch characters and buy them myself from broker at high price least no other one buy them or put them at low price and they'll sure be sold by conincidence, that's just silly and inappropriate. 2- And also untradeable forging stone that drops from monsters, I can't put them in my account storage or send them by mail but I can broker them, and here is the same question again what if I need them on my other characters and I don't wanna sell them to others, is the broker the only way I can exchange items between my toons, that's ridiculous and inappropriate. 3- Atherforging should be like transforms and cubic ; i.e Account wide ; what's the point of leveling up atherforging level which is from 1 : 300 in each of my characters just so that I craft the item which is not tradeable or can't put it in account storage, that's pointless, very tiring and inappropriate. The result of all this I can't have fun with my other toons nor craft items and store them in my account storage for my other characters. 4- I can't find permanent ride to craft 'cause not every day I play aion and do luna daily missions to all my characters to get materials to craft for a only 5 days ride; I mean people not always do luna and not always play aion but when I re log in the game I find all rides gone and walk on foot to the desired place, that's frustrating and disappointing unlike 5.8 5- Instances are very hard to complete with the ancient lakrum and scout set given to us from npcs through the quests.. I suggest you edit the difficulty of all instance level so we might get some good gear.
  2. That's the problem; that's what's confusing me more, you provide information we already know, we need change some people that agree to this.. Thanks for your support though..........
  3. You are confusing me.. Are you with or against !? If it's a progression, How I am supposed to progress If I don't have the ability to craft good set other than the quest gear ? which returns us to the 1 2 3 points I have explained. And in relation to being unable to you saying kinah trade, I didn't say kinah at all, I just said material and equipments through my account warehouse, is it illegal to give my toons materials and equipments of my own main character.