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  1. On 9/9/2019 at 3:33 AM, Versailles-DN said:

    Alright, I'll bite...

    I'll go ahead and answer to you simply why gunner feels so bad: you are not max geared, and you don't pvp.

    I played gunner at the very beginning of 5.0 before I quit and returned at the beginning of 5.8. I played my gunner through 6.x and about a month before 7.0, I've rerolled AT. But hear me out. 

    I decided to no longer play my gunner because I felt what you were feeling, and I asked myself quite a bit why gunner felt so awful. I have pretty good ping. My rotations are decent. I can switch between cannon and pistols quickly. Why was my damage lacking? Well...

    Gunner performs very poorly in PvE, because of the reasons you mentioned. However, very geared gunners (such as Rick and XYZX to name the main two that pop into my head) have good DPS. Have good damage in PvPvE. They are geared. If you want to play gunner after 5.0, you better be prepared to omega-swipeu or work your tail off. Because you will get nothing accomplished as a gunner if you are mediocre, or not willing to put in the money or energy to be fully geared to compensate for the fact that gunners do not get a lot of passive buffs like other classes do. If you are not in majority red as a gunner in PvE, you better bring some high dps with you to things to carry your damage. Because a half geared PvE gunner isn't gonna do it sis...

    As far as PvP, while the same applies, you better check your daevanion skills. Because if you don't have the purple trunk shot....oof. You're missing the true beauty of gunner PvP. While gunner doesn't do as much damage as the other classes do, they are full of CC and utility, and the ability to kite off opponents until the end. Mobility and utility are the true strengths of a gunner, especially in full purple (like I was this past patch). PvP in a group is even better for gunners if you and your team can communicate effectively BECAUSE of the versatility of gunner CC. Silence, stun, sleep, root...slow...Because of these things, a smart, well practiced gunner can stand toe to toe with any other class if you know what you're doing, have the right daevanion skills, and the gear. Being a good gunner is all about persistence, honestly. It's hard if you didn't have the head start in 5.8 for decent compensation in 6.x.

    I rerolled because I'm a fairly busy person...I know I don't have the time and I'm not willing to spend the money to gear myself heavily in PvP, which is what I enjoyed most about playing gunner. If you aren't willing to put in the work and only want to complain, then reroll. I'm serious, not trolling or anything. But you're wasting your time being half geared and complaining, if you want to be good, put in the effort to be strong. It's not like NCSoft will balance Gunslinger to be easier just because you asked, lol. So work with what you have and get geared ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    @Versailles-DN Thank you so much. You gave me boost to do more on that character and try to gear it up. It looks like that's the only solution left behind...  Ty again.

  2. 15 hours ago, Ereliya-KT said:

    I know you said if youre not a gunner main don't reply but I get the frustration and I want to help. I am not a gunner main but I do in fact have a gunner and from the looks of it I am also more geared than you so I thought I would give my 2 cents. My gunner is full frostspark gear with mystic ulti mw accessories (neck,ear,ring,belt) was not able to get these because it was not my main class and I didnt want to be rude to my friends I ran idd with. All of my gear is +10 my 2 pistols and AC are 15 as well as my wings. I think my chest is 12 pants 11 hat is 13 but doesnt matter. my stats are 14.6k atk 13.1k acc and 4.7k crit no buffs/food/xform/minion. Nothing fancy just mcrit 58 and matk 15 mostly atk stones. I think youre isue is maybe youre just not geared enough I am always #2 on dps and lately if I get in the mood for gunner because I think its such a fun class, just nothing can take away my love for chanter, I hop on and run new pf and idd and I am always top dps with randoms by a huge amount. But instead of blaming the class I think it is much better to look at what you have and what you dont and see what you can improve on. I have modor stigmas are all +6 if you want I can tell you what I use my cubic is all filled from 6.X and it is all filled except for platinums now. possibly check your manastones, check your tuning, every piece of mine is HP/Acc/Crit for armors and HP/Atk/Acc/Crit for wings accessories and weapon obv with atk speed in the weaons in echange for HP.Just focus on what you can do more for your class gunner got a nice buff in this patch so I dont see why you can feel they are so underpowered.


    I don't mind people to comment if they have played gunner or used to play it for a while like you. I said that so that they could have experience about how the class is somehow nerfed. But I only said that from the perspective that other classes with same my gear could have better dps and more Magic/Physic Att. Pwr

    But It looks for a gunner to be effective it gotta be geared as you said and in a full good status like other previous comments.


    16 hours ago, Ereliya-KT said:

    Hey maybe you dont have daevanian skills look into everything and I dont mind giving help on what I do but again I am not a gunner main

    I have almost all daevanian skills and I have 2 stigmas +9 2 stigmas +6 2 stigmas +3 and I really love this class. Thank you

    15 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    And in pvp they have that shield that gives them +3000 pvp defense literally canceling every attack they get for such a long time.

    Yeah that is good for them.

  3. 14 hours ago, Vessttemona-KT said:

    then don't open stupid topics.

    This is a stupid topic, you're the stupid cause you put your nose into other's business !


    14 hours ago, Vessttemona-KT said:

    and if you dont like my comment, then you can use any hole your body has and do what ever you like with it.

    Yeah right I just opened my eyes to your shitty comments! How sad :(


    16 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

    I do not main a gunner and am going to post!

    Aly I don't think you understand English! Aly you're the reason I typed this

    18 hours ago, OnlyOne-DN said:

    This is a discussion for Gunslingers. If your main character is not a gunslinger then you'd better shut up all your holes including your mouth as first hole and your --- as last hole. hoff Ok ?

    but it looks like you still argue about it you are a CANCER on this open^^ Forum. LOL *sigh* :(
    Get lost.

  4. My main character is Gunslinger and I have ultimate demaha AC +10 and 7 pcs Legendary from tier 2 in this patch of 7.0 and I have as far as I reached 14k Magical Attack and I have difficulty dealing damage as the rest of other classes on adds in instances bosses and normal mobs. While other classes are completely BROKE having passive buffs for magical attack and others active etc such as Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, SW, AT, Rangers, Assassins are from medium to high dps in this patch not bad I mean at least decent, Vandals are very OP, Gladiators have good buffs too but gunslinger got 1 buff 20% chance to activate aion's nyerking favor and it's so so nerfed. no magic attack passive 10% attack speed so low, some pve attack 600 or 700 can't remember atm (and guess what, well yeah they need it pretty much).. me replying to myself: oh yeah I can tell!! I Just can't take this shit. Pve Attack should be at least 4k To BaLaNcE with other "medium" not "BROKE" Classes".  
    Just before you type your stupid comment while and as you are having another class other than Gunslinger being a main Character or Main CLASS, Don't you dare type any stupid comment here saying GSs Are Not nerfed; they are pretty nerfed starting from 6.0 and have a very low DPS: in another words let me explain this.. Since 6.0 patch has released all stats has increased accordingly to improve the effect of buffs such as maximum hp without buffs then with buffs it made a huge difference, SO.. Since that happened The Attack power of each skill has increased accordingly and they made it perfect for almost all classes and other classes more than just perfect but GS wasn't lucky so far; because based on the explanation I provided the main chains for Pistols are so weak compared to the modifications made at the 6.0 Patch. This just ruins the fun of the inflicted classes such as this wonderful class.

    This is a discussion for Gunslingers. If your main character is not a gunslinger then you'd better shut up all your holes including your mouth as first hole and your --- as last hole. hoff Ok ?

  5. 7 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    He's Asmo on the character he is posting on. Blocked him last night. And I may have spelled his name so everyone in my discord could as well.

    @ShyZozZSho-DN.. so what's your Elyos' name?

    - _ -
    Like I'm gonna reply on you. why mention my name. Don't mention my name in any of your posts never ever. UNDERSTOOD ?

  6. 3 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

    I am Queen Cheesecake, and I have ruled this land since long before you were born. I maintain my youth by bathing in the blood of virgins and the tears of my haters. I bask in spreading sorrow, but I am not without mercy. Many a player has gained knowledge and assistance at my generous hand. Some, defense behind my army. Others, though, have been trampled beneath my feet like grass, fallen, providing nourishment to the beasts of the earth, the fowl of the air, and the insects who fly and crawl.


    Who are you again ?! doesn't really sound interesting.. not sorry to disappoint you this time.

    6 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

    Now bow, peasant.

    No, sorry. I bow only to Kings.

  7. 18 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

    If we're measuring success by number of haters, both Aly and I win. >_>
    Gotta agree with Timmain. You're vindictive, hypocritical, petulant, and I'm going to add pathetic. 

    I think I'm being hated by most hated people cause you're describing me with more haters' idioms so that just gives me the winning not you. ( sorry to disappoint you -again )

    18 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

    By a lot.

    Think again


    18 minutes ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

    Gotta agree with Timmain. You're vindictive, hypocritical, petulant, and I'm going to add pathetic.

    I'm nothing of this, Hater  literally CheeseCake!

  8. 4 minutes ago, Timmain-KT said:

    Seriously, gotta know, are you trying to get banned from the forums? Because that's how you get banned from the forums.

    I am the creator of this post if there's anyone who replies nice I will reply nice back to them. That's how it works. You described me as hypocritical and vindictive, so whose fault it is ?

    I have reported your reply.

  9. 21 minutes ago, PayToHeal-KT said:

    I feel like you're just trolling. No DN asmo would try to get Aly banned, she's someone who does a lot for the community.

    Yay how funky she is I'm impressed

    21 minutes ago, PayToHeal-KT said:

    Please get a life and stop QQing in the forums.  

    I'm not stopping until I'm done with people like you


    16 minutes ago, Timmain-KT said:

    Vindictive and hypocritical.

    These idioms were made mainly by haters of others much much more better than them; I'm more successful than you and than you think
    Haters gonna hate. cheers you are one of them. go to hell!

  10. 48 minutes ago, Brutallus-DN said:

    What part of her opinion offended you?

    23 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

    I might have actually kicked you from the siege alliance and then blocked you so that I wouldn't have even seen your request to join the boss alliance.


    That part.

    51 minutes ago, Brutallus-DN said:

    also, shouldn’t SHE be offended because you said she didn’t have a brain?

    And if you think SHE shouldn't be offended , this consider this just a pay back.


    52 minutes ago, Brutallus-DN said:

    (what isn’t from the rules?)

    being offensive to others.

    In the end I would like to thank you for acting like a loyal lawyer. lol No

  11. 7 hours ago, Konkers-EK said:

    First of all, people are usually using Shift+F12 so it's very unlikely that he knew it was you looting.

    hahah that's funny

    7 hours ago, Konkers-EK said:

    (the first person already does that, there is no need for everyone else after him do the same, because you have to confirm for every item in the loot).

    yeah and I said sometimes I don't loot the boss at all and loot later so I am aware of the struggle, nothing new you said.


    7 hours ago, Konkers-EK said:

    because there are another 200 people trying to loot

    They never reach 200 only 96 so far..... at least at this time

    7 hours ago, Konkers-EK said:

    As I said before, sounds like attention whoring.

    As I said before I'm not looking for attention. And it's not attention whoring, it's general discussion. Everyone now became attention nyerk. wtf how your brain works !?

  12. 16 minutes ago, Brutallus-DN said:

    reporting someone for something they haven't even done and wanting to get them banned is pretty childish as well

    Nope blocking is for kids but asking for your right when it comes to team work effort and being excluded from team and blocked from getting into any alliance who's ever the leader is is what deserves attention and care.
    It's not childish. It's important that someone being treated badly for no reason, like she said my leaders have patience of saints.. on what ? What wrong I have made. Actually many take time looting things and ask to move to different group. Can you tell me why I got banned from that siege in the first place. It's my right to report for harassment. It's a grown up human right. Put yourself in my place how would you feel. ?

    And I didn't want her to get banned at all you all actually misunderstood; all I meant was if she was in charge of alliance and kicked then blocked. Then that's harassment and impolite action and behavior.
    Actually she is the one started it by writing that inappropriate reply in the first place.

    And things like this I discuss with you so that they be treated.