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  1. What was the investigation that you made because i thought that investigation's purpouse was determine what was causing the server bugs and that every damn week you have to reset it more than once. For what i know that didn't change and the server bugged anyways that week without luna so how come you ended up making this decision? you know that won't drive away bots right? this is only a temporary solution not even a real solution. There are legions in which people use hack freely and not even care about consequences because they never get caught even if you report them, Cases like Clarity in
  2. So nowadays is ok to have a third party program to farm everything withouth consequences and is also ok that GMs Leak information about the decision you, developers, took of killing 50 mobs on the lugbug daily to a player ... also leaking information to the same player about incoming bans for using this hack? WAW Looks like you guys are the ones protecting the hackers ! @Kibbelz do something about this? this luminance legion have too much advantage over other people having information before any other and saving their luna bots
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