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  1. lol. Its all new to me as I get used to on grinding dungeons and Kromede weapons are very big deal. Hope to see you ingame Daeva
  2. Oh I will try that. Currently I am doing the so called Luna quest everyday. Hope I can catch up the soonest time. Thanks a lot everyone
  3. Hi as stated on the title above, I am a returning player and I used to play this on 2.0 era where Upper Udas Temple was the big thing on the said patch. Currently I am sitting on level 19 chanter and much of my surprise VERTERON IS NOW MISSING ON THE MAP LIKE WTF. Do you have any guides wherein I can follow to catch up? Sorry I use to play this 7 years ago and nostalgia brings me back here. (I used to play private servers before lol). Thank you very much
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