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  1. Hi! I know exactly how you feel, cause I'm the same. I feel noob to these new dungeons and I'm afraid to enter any group as I'm only with the basic exp mark PVE gear...
  2. Hi Shylee! I'm also a returning player from 4-5 years ago, so if you wanna a fellow lost company to do instances, I'm having the same problem, I couldn't do any of the group instances so far . It's been 2 weeks since I came back, more or less, and I've opened a similar topic in this forum about being kinda lost with all the changes, specially the map changes (I've played until after Upheaval which destroyed Katalam, Danaria, Tiamaranta and Sarpan - all my favorite maps 😢 - and introduced 2 new maps that don't exist anymore), and the changes in the manastone system. For example, I refuse to thr
  3. Hello people! I'm a returning player to Aion and I'm reeeeally confused about the lore, items, etc. Forgive me, but I've got a LOT of questions that the official website couldn't provide answers... First of all, what happen to Cygnea, Enshar, Norsvold, Illuma, etc.? The last thing I remember was trying to reach lv80 really hard on Norsvold... And how they brought back Katalam and Danaria?? Does it mean we'll have Sarpan and Tiamaranta (my two favorite maps) again? When upheaval destroyed these maps I was really sad and this was part of why I was not as much invested in the game (and
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