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  1. Hi guys, I'm here to ask why you in the last time bring to the game skins, and u don't bring them complete, most last skins are separated parts with shoulders, giving some extra detail, but for example the new Mafia skin you just put on the store, you just put the Chest and the Hat, but that skin own their own Shoulder accesory wich make the skin incomplete and exposing your armor shoulder the one doesnt fit with the skin. Just like i Show in the next photo. For the 6.2 release you offer us to register in a bundle that comes with a skin for free, skin that also own an shoul
  2. If this is a bug... please fix it it too nyerk annoying. Now we see every single kisk from all faction at sieges, so its really hard to find the correct kisk to register in if you dont puit your own, before 6.2 if you make other people to hide with [Shift+F12] you only see your group kisk... now you see ALL, even of people is not even in your alliance, or league.
  3. Today i was checking the legion mount price with the legion coins, and i just realize the mount now says it's for only 7 days... but... the cost is still being a lot of legion coins, the same amount as before, and in that time the mount was permanent.... i really hope this is a bug, it is? @Cyan
  4. Stop saying "the same mistake", we can't compare Beritra's case (R.I.P.) because it was not even in a similar situation when it was released, 6.0 patch does't have anything in common with any other patch before, except the lvl cap increase. i really hope we don't, but if we do, they better make a way to get via ingame too, carft or something...There is nothing that i hate more than an item that u cna buy with cash but is impossible to get in game, that's the most trashy P2W fact. Im ok with a soft P2W, giving a few advantage in erms of "speed" to get the endgame gear, but free ploayers
  5. yeah i remember too around 4.0 era some post about this, but its actually an amazing idea, there is nothing bad for anyone, ncsoft will win, players will win... just do it!.
  6. Im glad someone posted this as a reminder that they disable thing feature like 2 years ago... are they really going to just ignore this? I have my scripts since 4.5 age too, but i would like to change many scripts and add new ones, and i don't wanna mess up with the files in the client folder. I think is really dissapointing that players must find ouit their own "fixes" for use some features properly.
  7. Good, i hope they exchange the box for the same version but for magic, and we can choose the Accessory we want, and no get random.
  8. Some asmo paralized me on the windstream, and my char flew away the windstream line into the ground and i got stucked till forever...
  9. And as if the bugs werent enough players are abussing hacks and glitches to take advantage, yesterday my tema was way ahead of the asmo team, their 3 points were on the first stage while we where on the mount stage, after a while their points appeared on the stage before last one, and when we notice i told my friends "guys did you notice asmos are way ahead of us?", ofc their reaction was a "WHAT!!!?", and we just get to the end with a huge disgusting feeling, They were always way ebhind, they never pass uss , we never saw them in the whole run... but they reach first the end before, even when
  10. What nyerk me off the most is that i sent a ticket trying to report this bug, GM answer me back that they have many suggestions about the game but they gonna "see" if they can pay attention to my "suggestion", then i took the time to re-explain that this was not a suggetion, it was a bug report, but i wasnt able to do it in a "bug report" section cuz there isnt in support ticket, and after all this explanation they text me back: "I appreciate you taking the time to send in this suggestion for Aion. We receive far more suggestions than can possibly be added to the game, and the Development
  11. Yep, cuz actually there isn't even an option for Bug report via support ticket... and bug report in forum is totally forgotten.
  12. Hi, from the current event Daeva Dash we are getting "Prime Royal Captain Accessory Box", and when you open with any class, physical or magical, the box only give you the chance to choose the "combat" version of the accessories, which is the one for Physical classes, if you open the box with Cleric, Sorcerer, Aethertech or any magical class, you can't choose magic type accesories. @Cyan, Magical Classes are lossing the chance to get their PvP accessories from the event, and we are gonna get way behind the Melee classes gear. I'm sorry to post here but i sent ticket, and GM missundertood
  13. I wanna believe its becuz they gonna fix the BCM recognising new chars... I WANNA BELIEVE!
  14. I spent my coins from Eye and never put a fit again on that sh*t... not worth... i can't believe they think the event will broke economy, i used to farm more than 5 Omega/Temperings per day with events like Kromede or Shugo Vault some good days i even got more than 10... and i never was 25/7 doing it, just 1 run of 10 minutes with around 15-20 chars.. and GG... between 2 and 3 hours and i get way more worthy items than Tiamaranta Eye.
  15. I tryed both, in game and website, same problem, new chars doesnt appear on the list, and when you press "Purchase now" logged with the new char it shows you some message saying to choose a character.
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