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  1. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    Oh sure.. Legion run in BoS.. great they gave us 60 seconds notice before taking the servers down... love it. And not even the decency of a "lube up" first.
  2. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    How about an actual response from NC... Oh.. they don';t give an actual F***
  3. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    What the actual F***???
  4. Luna crashes.

    Are these Luna Crashes being addressed? I am growing tired of DAILY crashes. By time I am able to relog I have gone from S grade run to both barriers being down for B grade. Never had this issue prior to the merge... now is a daily occurrence.
  5. Known Issues: Server Merge

    It seems the players originally on KR caught the brunt of this "merge" Total loss of rank Dropped from 4 Star to Soldier 1), blown economy as now Broker items at 10 times more than before. getting pathetic returns on houses etc. Undouble, that once reopened housing will be going at inflated prices since that is the trend of the economy change, but since there was no cap placed on kinah or GP /AP on the merge they smaller server (KR) just gets screwed with out the courtesy of a kiss first. What has basically transpired is that the smaller server population has been effectively removed from being able to compete and function with the larger server's population. Well thought out NC... got to love the logic.
  6. Known Issues: Server Merge

    Mains on 2 accounts are in Illuma... Can not log them in... is DC from server... ffs anything else ya wanna screw up?