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  1. Any chances of making +Y Master Harvester Accessories ---> +X whatever rarity Zenith/Winged champion Accessory Box ( choice of one PVP OR PVE accessory box of .... ) Yes, I realise this has been debated already. Yet being harvester pve gear that gives pvp bonuses, in the end it´s quite circumstantial and personal what people used them for. The above is a solution that I believe fits eveyone. I´d certainly regret that the final decision was made upon the first persons able to complain about it. Note: I have both pvp and pve harvester bottom accs enchanted since may; also I pve with botttom harvester acc´s. So it´ll be absurd to end up with 4 pvp rings and 2 pvp belts in 6.x
  2. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    Hello, I´m asking on behalf of a friend. He got his main character name and former (5 year old) legion name stolen by the same person. He already send both tickets to support, and we were unsure if "gameplay issues" was the right label for this situation. If not, which one is? While he waits for an answer from support, which it could take several days o weeks, he is stuck with a name that makes him unable to join groups/alliance/coalitions. So the question is if he use the character name ticket to get a provisory name to participate in game content and A) the dispute resolves in his favor, will he be provided with another ticket to get his rightful name back? Or will it be changed directly by support? B) If he lose the dispute, he´ll keep the temporary name or get a ticket. Any clarification is appreciated.