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  1. Aion 6.0 - Truth or lie?

    OK. If this is true. It would be incredible. The NCS Usa could skip version 5.8 and go straight to 6.0 Aion 6.0 - Refly [New Info] Truth or lie? The same will happen in NCS USA? • Full removal of the Archdaeva system. (CPs, Color Essence, Transformations, etc.) • Removal of Godstones • Removal of Idians • Removal of Omegas and Tempering Solutions • Removal of Amplification (Gear above +15) • Rebalance of classes, including adding new skills and relevant modifications to existing skills • New currency: Gold Ingot - Essence Colors, Kinah, Prime lv.80 sets and purified Harvester will be some of the items eligible to be redeemed for 'Gold' - We do not yet know if the new currency will replace Kinah permanently, but you can trade kinah for Gold when 6.0 is released • Revamp of the equipment system: - Gear will not break after a fail - Gear will be untradeable again - The enchantment form will change once again - Max. Gear level will be 15 - The Max. Level of accessories will be 15 - Reduction of Manastones slots from 6 to 3 - Grid removal: Normal, Superior, Fabled, Eternal and Mythic - New grids: Ancient, Legendary, Ultimate Now the only way to achieve advanced stages of gear is to purify. (Just as it worked in Blade and Soul) - New specific spells: Stone for PVP set and stone for PVE set • PVP items will be (finally) only purchased in PVP, Sieges and Quests instances involving PVP • PVE items will be purchased by PVE instances Sources: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aiononlinebr/ https://scontent.fplu9-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/25592110_1685483181517838_5993691146605475280_n.jpg?oh=7a16e569710753d84492e79b4bf4faa3&oe=5ABED26E http://aion.plaync.com/board/tazz/view?articleID=342&page
  2. No no no no. Fear no work more. Summon is a BUG. I dont have defense. No more NERF to SM. If NCS NERF SM again... I will definitely leave/ abandon forever the AION.
  3. I think the NCS tried to turn AION into a fighting game, like street fighter. But the AION is an MMO and not a fighting game. Maybe that's the reason many friends leave this game. The arenas are empty, but the problem goes much further. The classes are not balanced. The classes are very different now. Some were very reduced (NERF) and others were very strong. Then the AION became a game of fights and gear. Who has the best set wins and not who is more skillful. I would change that. Skill must be AION's main engine and not the equipment. The fighting became unequal. The PVE instances lost their meaning and the PVP almost died. All this is wrong in my opinion and that is why I stopped investing in the game. Now I know it does not matter what my equipment is or how much money I can put into the game. I will never have a fair fight and I have several videos that prove this.
  4. I would do... • Full removal of the Archdaeva system. (CPs, Color Essence, Transformations, etc.) • Removal of Godstones • Removal of Idians • Removal of Omegas and Tempering Solutions • Removal of Amplification (Gear above +15) I would install an anti-hacker system and banish all who use cheating in the game. I would return with SM (no more good class). Today, FEAR does not work, and SUMMON is just a BUG, a problem. There is an excess of BUGs in the game.
  5. Aion 6.0 - Truth or lie?

    If AION 6.0 is true, then I'm just looking forward to it. I would like to see more balance between classes and I think the changes are good. I know changes take time, but the faster we gets this.. Is better. Just this. An example: GODSTONE (Paralyze or Silence). I think this needs to be removed. There is a difference between the GOLDSTONE I have in my gun with the GOLDSTONE in someone else's gun. I'm talking about the same GOLDSTONE. Mine GOLDSTONE works little. It is rare to work, but RANGER's/SIN GODSTONE seems to have a 90% chance of working. Every step in the arena I become paralyzed or silence. I will not be citing the problems. Everybody is seeing every day that there are strange things to absurd and I am hoping for a balance between classes and that a fight where two people have the same equipment last longer than a single key press.
  6. Denaria needs a new Gov

    Yes Aly. Exactly and according to some TIAMAT players. In the past it was necessary to pay with OMEGA or Kinah for the Governor to put Kisk in an appropriate place or to pass the leader. Maybe that's why KISK was placed so far away from the fortresses. Revenge? Punishment? I do not know.
  7. Good News. Knowing that the current schedule of SIEGE is bad for the Governor. So we have a chance for now. Nothing about win but a chance to play without sabotage.
  8. It's really frustrating how long NCS takes to solve a problem, but today we (the players) try. Today we were able to escape from the current Governor so that he does not sabotage SIEGE any more. Today it worked because we had three forts and as he ran to a fortress, we went to another one and SIEGE was excellent. Many like it, but during the week we know that this will not be possible because we will only have one or two strongholds. Unfortunately the frustrations and disappointments will come back.
  9. I don't know these people who came from TIAMAT, but I saw what they did. I am here in AION for eight years now and I'm sad about the NERF in SM (I'm not competitive anymore). I'm sad with this Hackers. I'm sad with the class are so unbalanced and we now have bad leaders with a bad reputation. Thinking about all of this I really do not know what's going to happen, but I think AION is already a lot less than it could be. Well. I will give a suggestion for the NCS, but I do not know if they'll read this here. Five minutes before SIEGE begins the players should choose among the top ten in the ranking. Who will lead the SIEGE. This would be a democratic and good solution for all.
  10. Denaria needs a new Gov

    I have a sugestion to this problem. Five minutes before SIEGE begins the players should choose among the top ten in the ranking who will lead the SIEGE. This would be a democratic and good solution for all.
  11. Fusion of Server and Legions

    Eu sugeriria que em 20 de setembro, durante a fusão de servidores. O NCS exclui todas as legiões em que a Brigada não entra no jogo mais de três meses (ou mais) e se esta legião tem menos de 6 jogadores.
  12. Fusion of Server and Legions

    We try to do this. I talked to Kimberley (He stopped playing) and I think he also tried. In the end, we asked for help from the NCSOFT support team and they also tried to help. They sent an EMAIL to BRIGADE (Randyblue) because he abandoned the game, but replied that he would not pass. Mordant and I conclude that he prefers to see the legion dead. I think the legion died because of some internal conflict. I do not know, but I believe that this decision of Randyblue is actually a way to punish everyone of the old legion. I think we are not going to need the "artifices" after the merge.
  13. Suggestion for Panasterra

    I do not want to be unfair, but I've never see a response even by sampling. The only answers I've seen are for questions that the NCS itself does. Like a search. But please. Do not believe me. Open one by one of the topics and see for yourself. See if have any response from someone other than a player like you and me. I have nine years of AION. Nothing I wrote in the forum I got an answer. Not even for the EMAILs that I write for the GMs. Only the support team answers me when I open a ticket. Now. If your experience was different from mine, then we have a explanation to our so different thinking.
  14. Fusion of Server and Legions

    No. I'd just like to bring back the name to bring people together again and I can not use the name, but I think I'll have a chance now with the merge. With the merge I can create a legion with this name. It would also be good to give the opportunity to new legions the oportunity to be in higher ranks in the rankings.
  15. Fusion of Server and Legions

    You do not know what you're saying. They are not scattered to the winds now. They went to another legion or deleted their account. There is only one person in the legion with his ALT and I was of this legion. I tried to bring the Legion back to call people back, but the person who stayed with the Legion Brigade does not give to any old members or to who created the Legion.
  16. Suggestion for Panasterra

    Oh Well I will not create controversy around your point of view. It's unnecessary. Everyone thinks on their own, but I agree that this game is Korean and maybe NCSOFT just does the game translation and does not make decisions, but there are details that the NCS can make a decision. There are many suggestions that are not necessarily a change in the game. It's just punctual decisions. See for yourself how many topics were created with good suggestions and tell me how much NCSOFT answered. if there is no answer (even negative) it means that I was ignored.
  17. Mystic Hat

    Long time ago I lost my Mystic Hat and I would like to have it back. Can you consider placing this item to sell on the site?
  18. Fusion of Server and Legions

    No. The edition happened before your POST and it was almost instantaneously. Check and you will see. The idea remains valid, but I think it will be ignored just like all the others.
  19. Suggestion for Panasterra

    You do not have to change anything in PANA. Just this... Get everyone to win 150 GP by being there. If there is no award, people have no interest. Now you said something important. The eye of TIAMARANTA was the best time of AION and to this day I do not understand why they removed it. My theory is that there is a group of people infiltrated with the aim of destroying the AION. It's amazing how the requests, ideas and desires of the players are persistently ignored.
  20. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion

    I'm sorry to say that, but I agree with some people. I did all that you're saying. I took pictures and made videos of people doing things they should not, talking things that should not and nothing happened. It is very difficult for someone to be punished in the game and impunity causes more people to use these programs that alter the mechanics of the game. Today I know that many players are thinking that cheating is good, it is necessary and it is better than buying items on the site. Unfortunately the lack of punishment causes illegal activity to grow and revenue to fall. This partly explains the union (merge) of the servers. I go further and I will give an example. There is a cheat that is visible to everyone and I think NCSOFT knows about it. If the NCS do not know, they will know now. Many people are climbing to level 75 doing FALLEN POETA alone. We all know that this is impossible. You need a group to do FALLEN POETA. But some people are using some program to walk on the ceiling of the game and from above they attack specific targets to gain a lot of XP. So if NCSOFT wants to punish those people. She can analyze who reached level 75 by making FALLEN POETA in DUO (with your ALT). But if NCS does not do anything the using of cheating will be spreading like a virus. Every time a person cheats in the game, that means less money for NCSOFT. Soon I can not understand the reason why the guilty should not be punished even in the face of the evidence, but this unfortunately happens.
  21. Fusion of Server and Legions

    Vantheria. What you said does not apply to the case. I'm suggesting removing totally inactive legions. Legions that have no players. I am suggesting to remove the legion that no one else plays for long. Months or maybe years. If the legion is inactive and has no players, then it makes no sense to let it take the place of an active legion. These inactive legions are only taking up space and preventing other legions from having the opportunity to appear in the ranks. Do you want examples? I can give several examples and I doubt that anyone in these legions will came here to defend them. In Israphel the legion Death Gods has only three members. It ranks fifth in the ranking and there is no one else there. It is a dead legion, definitely inactive. The legion is disable for more than a year and will continue like this. Forever. Want more examples? OK The following legions are completely inactive and dead: Super Star, Aurora, Ronins and etc. The legion Aurora ended in 2014 and after 2014 there is no one else there. Is it fair to keep these legions after the merge? I do not think so.
  22. No please!

    Is this really true? Will this happen to AION? I know there are people who like this, but for me they will ruin the game.
  23. New Server Name Suggestions

    My sugestions: Isis Server (Siel, Beritra) Eros Server (Israphel, Kahrun, Tiamat.)
  24. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    A simple question. In case of a transfer, a friend told me that there is a limit to KINAH. A part is not transferred. In the case of server merging will there be any impact on our items in the warehouse or on how much KINAH a player has?
  25. No please!

    I respect everybody's opinion and this is very personal. Particularly I think of AION as a fantasy game. Angels with wings, dragons, mystical beings and now skill as bowling, tennis and... ? animations to children's? I do not know. Sorry, maybe I overreacted, but those details do not please me anyway.