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  1. Hello I am very confused on this subject, I have written to support but it turned out not to be too helpful thought they tried 🙂 I am level 38 and part of Elyos, I was informed by support that in order to see where I can do essence tapping I had to turn it on in the map, so I was told to open map with M which I did, and then look at the left and click the check box, there is no check box for essence tapping on the left side of the map here is what I see when I open it up and all these have a check box I can check or uncheck: Owner Elyos Asmodian Balur
  2. Hello I have three quests that are driving me insane I can not for the life of me figure them out. They are : Level 10 (Luna) Holding Back the Epidemic, I have to speak with the Underpath Medical Officer Level 10 (Luna) Detachment Mission, Talk with Jay, need to go to Secret Munitions Factory Level 10 (Luna) Defeat Mechaturek, collect Mechaturek's Energy Devices I have no idea where to even begin as they do not show the location of these places or people, I have googled and you tubed this questin but nothing. Thank you everyone 🙂
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