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  1. So , Last time when they release the keyboard/mouse warrior transformation they inform as that the other part can be gainable soon . How soon ? , its been 6 months more when they said it . Also right now i wanna ask if this new ancient transformations can be get by just fusing or this is again their promotional stuff that can just be bought via BCM ?
  2. Hello ? how about the egg restoration that happen before for apostle transformations ? Cause i spent like 200$ just trying to get one during the transformation coin event and its very unfair that u given it away for free to others 3x is alot. Using restoration to the items before you need to give back what you gain in order to process the restoration of your item , but it didn't apply in this egg restoration.
  3. Hello just wondering if egg stormwing restoration and passing it to alt is not a bug abuse cause im afraid to be banned. I wanna pass it to my other character to get apostle transformation like others did for collection.
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