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  1. This letter should be looked at as a necessity for game health and growth in terms of retaining some new players rather than constructive criticism. Events are the least difficult way to add the consumables new and veteran players need to progress. NCwest and any other publisher for other regions of aion have full control over what rewards they put in events and items in the cash shop. The current and future patches are fully designed around the cash shop and events. Asking for custom content just isn't viable. Events are easy and add some flavour to the routine of the game.
  2. Intended because of how they can't just copy+paste the GP ranking system from Korea and had to make "custom" changes. Indirectly screwed over AoH and AoD.
  3. @Cyan Please look into this. Change the instance reset time for AoH and AoD to Weds.
  4. Yes please add anomos weapons to an event. They are far too hard to acquire considering you are fighting for rolls against 100-300 other people, most of them rolling even though they can not use the weapon.
  5. If you like you can leave a complaint here. https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/austin/profile/computer-software-developers/ncsoft-corporation-0825-58760 All though I'm sure none of it matters anyways.
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