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  1. I agree the report system should be simplified and quicker. Players HAVE to take responsibility for what they say. "oh but this will only help special snowflakes who will report everyone", if someone is reported but didn't do nothing wrong they won't be punished; so there's nothing to fear, right?
  2. SOOOO MUCH YEEEEEEESS FOR THIS, SERIOUSLY!! this is exactly how I think the other muse subclass will be! and it seems just SOO awesome! I got no words to explain how I feel when I think about this other than "I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED!!"
  3. You got some very nice suggestions. Breaking gear is VERY discouraging and, even thought now we have a way to 100% with omega, not everything can be enchanted with omega. We still don't have a way to 100% with tempering (and I think we should have). Those "automatic events" also seem good because Aion has so many maps and most of them feel abandoned once you reach archdaeva, which is such a waste! Also, as still regarding those maps, once you reach archdaeva leveling becomes kind of a pain (you either do the same instance over and over until your fingers bleed, or you do the same rep
  4. I SO WANT THAT TOO The event is so nice but so short! And many of us have lost some pumpkins due to disconnection, so yeah! one more week of Pumpkin's Haunt PLS
  5. Yeah, things like "Don't expect anyone to be your babysitter" as a reply when you ask a simple question in LFG is quite annoying. Aion's community gotta be more kind (lucky we still got very nice people who are willing to help). I play the game since years ago, but there are LOTS of questions that I still have about many things! A new player would, of course, have many questions too. And It wouldn't hurt for anyone to give a proper reply.
  6. Someone sugested Tahabata and Stormwing and I think those would be the best server names, because they're both badass and the names sound fierce.
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