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  1. Hello, Thanks for the quick response @Kibbelz! Amazing news that you are fowarding our desire to the team, can't wait!
  2. Hello @Kibbelz, Are we going to have any drop rate increase or an event like EU where they received extra items from gelkmaros and inggison monsters. They were receiving DP daevanion skills selection boxes, Daevanion skill selection box, Grade A level 4 minion contracts, transformation contracts and transformation shards. And this is just to mention some of the many rewards they were receiving from killing these monsters. Are we just going to enable auto-hunt feature (which is a good move) but without any other event to go with it?
  3. Limited to 5 is good enough, thanks for listening to the majority of player's feedback!
  4. Hello, Yes, yes and yes, could not agree more with Kromede's opinion, if not selectable, please increase the limit of purchase, it makes no sense to put a limit if it's not a selectable box... @Kibbelz Would much appreciate if you forward this sentiment to the team. As always, thanks for listening Kibbelz.
  5. Hello, @Kibbelz I hope I am speaking for many when I say that merging the servers would be the best course of action due to Aion Classic being released really soon. Official Aion servers will lose even more of its playerbase. Your team does not need to wait for the game to have 10 players on each server to say "Hey, maybe we should make them play together so they can actually have fun" I understand that most of the content can be done server wide as long as the players are in the same faction, however, it would make much more sense in open world pvp, sieges and many more reasons to c
  6. Thought the same thing, he must have referred to the actual buff. On the other hand, +10 runestone is actually doable, not gonna lie you do have to get lucky but is possible with the current % if you farm/p2w enough.
  7. I agree, I find it extremely hard to believe that there is a team dedicated to game changes, that actually SITS DOWN TOGETHER and start discussing, and one of the ideas that do go through is "We should put the auto-hunt feature in Timeless Terrace...". I mean it just seems like none of these people have logged in for 1 day in Aion, I promise you, all it takes for Aion NA to make steps in the right direction, is have just ONE HUMAN play the game for at least 2 months. Afterwards this said HUMAN will relay what was hard for to him to obtain, what was easy to obtain, what needs revamping, so mu
  8. @Kibbelz Hello, Good morning bud, it would be of much help if you were so kind to relay the following information to the team: Please deploy the promised "[BCM] Grade S Minion Contract Salvage Box" as stated in the promotion minion event details. The due date is 5/19/2021. Have a nice day.
  9. Hello, You should try the chanter class, they are extremely tanky and they match your request of easy play style. They got easy to press heals with not much science behind them. I don't know about cool looking armor though, I've never played that class, most skins can now be used regardless of the class you are playing I think.
  10. Hello, @Kibbelz Relay this message to the team or person who decided to put out these events: "GOOD NYERKING STUFF" We pout and cry when you guys mess up, however, we must recognize when cool events like this happen, this way you guys know what steps to take in the right direction. For real... GOOD JOB!
  11. I wanted to put out an idea that could help the company, because the negligence that has been going on recently just makes me think that perhaps they need manpower and the players could help in some way. For instance the maintance notes weren't posted today, that's another sign of negligence, somebody else could have posted them, is a copy paste message, they just change the duration and put "X event end", "Y event begins" But you do a have great point if they did exist, other players would assume they know something we don't, even if it isn't that way, this community's trust and ho
  12. Hello, I would like to start off by saying I don't usually post in the forums, however, I do give it a read at least once a day to see what's up and recently I couldn't help but notice the lack of answers from GMs so I came up with an idea that many games use to aliviate the pressure: ⭐ FORUM MODERATORS PROS: The community will feel more involved with each other. The communication between GMs and player will better and faster as these people will be able to directly report bugs,exploits,etc to people like Kibbelz. GMs do not have to be online to ban/er
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