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  1. Hello, @Kibbelz Relay this message to the team or person who decided to put out these events: "GOOD NYERKING STUFF" We pout and cry when you guys mess up, however, we must recognize when cool events like this happen, this way you guys know what steps to take in the right direction. For real... GOOD JOB!
  2. I wanted to put out an idea that could help the company, because the negligence that has been going on recently just makes me think that perhaps they need manpower and the players could help in some way. For instance the maintance notes weren't posted today, that's another sign of negligence, somebody else could have posted them, is a copy paste message, they just change the duration and put "X event end", "Y event begins" But you do a have great point if they did exist, other players would assume they know something we don't, even if it isn't that way, this community's trust and ho
  3. Hello, I would like to start off by saying I don't usually post in the forums, however, I do give it a read at least once a day to see what's up and recently I couldn't help but notice the lack of answers from GMs so I came up with an idea that many games use to aliviate the pressure: ⭐ FORUM MODERATORS PROS: The community will feel more involved with each other. The communication between GMs and player will better and faster as these people will be able to directly report bugs,exploits,etc to people like Kibbelz. GMs do not have to be online to ban/er
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