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  1. The most suitable solution would be transferring the egg. If they have the happy idea of giving a survey as compensation (that is, if they care about the injured players), thinking about who had already made 3 transfers, they will get 5 apostles for free. I'm talking but I made 2 transfers for to get some important collections since it is not possible to obtain the transformations Lumiel, Yustiel, Vaizel, Triniel
  2. We will probably receive a survey with * 1 * apostle selection box, as if this were a compensation in comparison
  3. Your farm is from dice game, lol is just hard for your wallet
  4. This was something that should have been thought of before the event started, not now after thousands of eggs have been transferred. While some laugh with 4 apostles for free, others only with 1 it was already expected to happen A little unfair, that's all
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